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hopefully you will learn about me trough my photos. meanwhile - ballet Russian classic. music - violin, piano, singing, teacher, performer, music/art theory, ethnomusicology - why count. work (like other passions are not work): USA: Harvard Widener Library - Milman Parry collection - Albert Lord Collection, 15 000 Serbo-Croation folk songs or: was Homer one person or his Masterpieces were collective memory, oral tradition work - long story, delicate exiting work. back to FRANCE Deben Bhattacharya's worl music collection - 8 years of research - analysing traditional instrumental and/or vocal music - for UNESCO and for radio...more
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Digital Painting

A joy of digital endless possibilities, true inspiration out of divine technology that i celebrate. Any kind of pain, paper collage, drawing, layering, can be accorded and finalised by digital paint over other layers! Love it. "The creative process in traditional and digital painting is more or less the same, but when the digital artist is done, there is nothing to hang on a wall. The painting is on the hard disk of a computer. The usual way to make it presentable and salable is to project it on a traditional carrier, such as paper, canvas or polyester. This is commonly done by a professional printer. For an original painting, the traditional physical carrier substitutes the digital carrier, which is deleted. For a series, the digital carrier is deleted when the prefixed number of copies has been reached. For an open ended series, the digital carrier is retained on the computer." wikipedia"

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 24