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David Van Hulst - Artist

About David Van Hulst

Learn more about David Van Hulst from Arbon, Thurgau - Switzerland.

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David Van Hulst is a well-known American artist. David has been drawing and painting since childhood and has lived, worked and studied to perfect his style all over the world. He has been an art director and/or illustrator for international advertising campaigns, children�s books and well known publications in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Amsterdam, Zurich and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. In the early 70�s, while living in London, Van Hulst designed some pieces for a widely publicized conceptual art happening for Yoko Ono and the Beatles� Apple records.

The fine art originals and prints produced by Van Hulst are included in the collections of the famous and infamous from every walk of life. The work seems to be appreciated primarily for the way he so simply captures and expresses the sense of a place that is personal and contemporary, yet timeless. Van Hulst always seeks to convey the �essence� of light in his paintings and in his own words, �light is the key ingredient in my art and color is the tool used to render it. It interests me since color, sound and light are all parts of the same spiritual entity, each existing in a different wavelength. The larger meaning of that can occupy your mind for a lifetime.� He adds, �What I do is absolutely who I am, when painting I�m lost in a dancing landscape of light and color, completely free and at peace with all of it...Everyone should be so lucky.�

When you include a print of his artwork in your collection, look at it often to be reminded of the special Essence of Light and Color. Become one with the peacefulness existing in the scene...for in the freedom of that moment - in the synthesis of you and the light of the art - you are lost in the dance, too...Enjoy!

I'm residing today back again in Switzerland with my wife Susanne who is Swiss.

We used to say: Sunshine to you - from always sunny Florida. That was back in time when we were living in the Sunshine State, down in Key West and many other places.

David Van Hulst joined Fine Art America on November 10th, 2010.