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Software developer by day, photographer and digital artist by night, Dave April tries to maintain a healthy balance between the left brain and right brain challenges life has to offer.   His photographic and fractal artwork has been featured in national magazines and at the International Congress of Mathematics in Madrid Spain.   Dave tries to infuse humor and playfulness into his work, with portraiture being a favorite subject.   More images are available at http://www.dsa157.com
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Fractal Art

Fractal Art is a fascinating and exciting art form, integrating the best of abstract shapes and subtle layered colors with recursive, kaleidoscopic textured patterns. While fractals are computationally generated from mathematical formulas, it takes a fractal artist to make a myriad of design decisions to coax out a beautiful image hidden in the swirling spirals of the geometry. These images look great on a dorm wall, a corporate office or gracing the mantle above your fireplace at home. The bigger the image, the more details are visible. At once both organic and industrial, fractal images are infinitely enjoyable. See – your teachers told you math would be important later in life, right? :)

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