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Debby Pueschel - Artist

About Debby Pueschel

Learn more about Debby Pueschel from CA, CA - United States.

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Photography is my love! Whether it be photographing my grandchildren, my hummingbirds in the yard, places we have travelled, or taking photos of people who have given of their time and effort to help others, it matters not......photo documentation is my passion!

My photography began with capturing hummingbirds...little did I realize this is quite a feat to capture these creatures, so small and fast. Yet, I waited and befriended this who were less afraid of humans. I talk to them, chirp to them, and they listen. Once they are familiar with me, there is no problem with photographing them. They are all so very different and I have named many.

My husband and I travel mostly to the southwest and so enjoy being with Dine, (Native Americans) worshipping them, and just being with them. Our faith in God and knowing He is our Hope, has become stronger as we visit our friends, who are devout Christians. Seeing the hardships they have endured, just proves that God is the Creator and He is our Hope and Salvation.

I have photographed some people who are noted, and others who no one knows...simplicity is the key. Recently, I have given time to photograph those who train for marathons to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma (TNT-Team in Training), Cancer research, or local charities, Animal Rescue, and church auctions. There are more which I have given, but these are a few. It is a thrill to know that my proceeds and time goes to a good cause....

Yet, nature is still my first love. I grew up in the country where wildlife was abundant! Birds sang, rabbits scampered by, squirrels gathered their stores, fox had their dens! So taking photos of nature comes very 'naturally'! From snakes to birds of prey, nothing is too small or too big to try and capture. Capturing the creation which God made, is amazing. I marvel at the hummingbird wings, with intricacy of a bee on a flower, the power of the sunset, and mountains. Only God made this possible...His creation cannot be duplicated by man!

It is my hope that you will enjoy my photos. They make me happy, and I hope they will for you too!

All this work is protected by copyright laws by Debra Pueschel, ( all rights reserved and protected by US and International Copyright Law). No piece of art or any section of it can be used or copied or disseminated for any purpose without my permission. If you wish further permission, you may contact me at the email contact listed above.

Copyright 2013-2019. These photographs/artworks are owned solely by the artist, Debra Pueschel. As such it is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, all rights reserved. This artwork may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated or used in any way without written permission

Debby Pueschel joined Fine Art America on October 28th, 2013.