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Deborah Flusberg - Artist

About Deborah Flusberg

Learn more about Deborah Flusberg from Boston, MA - United States.

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I am an amateur photographer who enjoys capturing images that look pleasing to my eye. I especially like nature photography, including sunsets, landscapes, fall foliage, and wildlife. I carry around a point-and-shoot camera and often ride around on my bike and stop whenever a scene grabs my attention. Some of my favorite themes are Reflections, Paths, and Angles. I enjoy playing with light and the way in which it affects a scene. I am currently exploring impressionist-style reflections in water, as well as a collection of the many angles, shades, and shapes of the John Hancock Tower in Boston, where I live.

When I am not out taking pictures, I work in a biology research lab, studying how cells function and what goes wrong during diseases such as cancer. I regularly take pictures of fluorescently-labeled cells under a microscope, to visualize their different parts or to make 'movies' of the cells via timelapse imaging. Besides using it to answer scientific questions, I enjoy making use of photography to explore the boundary between science and art.

You can find more of my photos at www.facebook.com/debflusphotography.

Deborah Flusberg joined Fine Art America on September 18th, 2014.