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Denis Gloudeman - Artist

About Denis Gloudeman

Learn more about Denis Gloudeman from Eatonville , WA - United States.

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Denis Gloudemans art is a culmination of his many lifelong interests. As a child growing up in Montana and then Alaska, he says he was always sketching and drawing and painting the unbelievable spacious sky and unforgettable scenery. Moose, elk and deer, grizzly and Kodiak bear, ptarmigan and a dozen other bird species posed for him.

'When I look back at my drawings and the work that I did as a kid, I see that I was always geared in this direction, always interested in art, although what I was doing seemed to come naturally. The sketches were the vehicle for me to express how I see things.'

Denis's art career was postponed from time to time over the last thirty years. But even while he was working he was taking every opportunity to do as much art as he could.

A Bio is supposed to give you the low down on my life as an artist. The fact is I've always done this stuff my whole life. I've always had to work to pay the bills, so I did art when and where I could but now I only do art no degrees and no awards. I just do art now.

Now retired, Gloudeman intends to spend the rest of his life pursuing his art.

Denis Gloudeman joined Fine Art America on September 14th, 2007.