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Dezera Davis - Fine Artist

About Dezera Davis

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I too am someone's work of art: Art: I see art as a literary expression of self and empathy; a visual representation of thought, ideals, and perception, dimensional place, and solace; physical creation of one’s state of being. Inspiration: Prompted by the desire to create the unspoken, to transcend conversation; endure judgment, whilst judging not; respecter of entitlement, choice and observation and sparing the cruelty and self defeatism under the gaze and mind of those who dare. The captivating allure of breathing thought into freedom, fight, dreams and voice. Experience a lifetime within a lifetime. Creation: My basis for creating art to answer my personal need to share with others the concept of viewing the world from a place deep within themselves. I strive to teach awareness and understanding that all is limitless. That we are capable of beyond what we can imagine; that each unimagined thought is un-captured energy, free floating around us; encouraged to meet our grasp through the commonality and uniqueness that lays between who we are, what we share and the strength of our belief. I gather my thoughts through sketching, conceptualizing mentally and color exploration. I plan to detail, my method of execution. I collect a plethora of tools because one might fit a particular task or project; gather a variety of resources to precisely accomplish the desired task and artistic outcome. I rely on my own creativity, yet I definitely welcome outside inspiration and influences. Research is a very integral part of my craft. I develop and grow best by exploring all facets of information; for example internet searches, current events, literature and trips to book store’s or art supply stores and online catalogs, conversation and nature walks. I also believe in letting go, sometimes. I continue to explore my craft in all forms and seek many opportunities for growth and expansion by remembering to appreciate and enjoy that art and creativity have no restraints or limits; to let in, by letting go.

Dezera Davis joined Fine Art America on August 5th, 2010.