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Dustin Knighton - Fine Artist

About Dustin Knighton

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My name is Dustin Knighton. I was born May 6 1985. I learned to draw about 3 1/2 years ago while i was serving 5 years in prison. i saw people around me drawing all the time and alot of the people i saw drawing were really good and i was fascinated by the talent that those people had. I was so fascinated that i wanted to learn how to draw too. One day i was talking to one of the guys that used to draw portraits of other peoples familes. I asked him if he could give me a few tips on how to draw portraits so that i could learn how to draw. he told me that he probably would not be the best teacher but said that there was a book in the library on how to draw life like portraits. So, i went to the library and found the book and checked it out. I read the book, did the exercises in the book, then took flight. In about two months after i read the book, i was better than everybody around me at drawing. I guess it was in me all along i just did not know it. Some times i think to myself, i had to go to prison to found out that i could draw. Thats funny. Now, im living a better life and i am just drawing because i love to draw and i want to see how far i can go or what i can do with my talent.

Dustin Knighton joined Fine Art America on October 15th, 2009.