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Earl Bowser - Artist

About Earl Bowser

Learn more about Earl Bowser from Eastvale, CA - United States.

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I’m a native Californian living in the state’s second newest city, Eastvale, in Riverside county. I’ve been photographing since I was a teenager, after my grandfather gave me my first camera, a 4x6 Rollei. I’m inspired by life, photographing a wide range of subjects including still life, wildlife, landscapes and portraits. You’ll rarely find a staged photo however amongst my work; I enjoy most capturing life as it happens, using natural lighting and natural processing almost exclusively.

“No one can improve on God’s creation; one can only attempt to give a wall a glimpse of His glory.”

My first exposure to fine art was a board game, of all things. Crazy how I still remember playing Masterpiece - The Art Auction Game, and staring at those little cards, even when I wasn't playing the game. I actually forgot about that game and how it has influenced my aesthetics, until I noticed Roll Tide by Ann Bailey in the recently sold list here at fineartamerica. After seeing that piece, and remembering the game that ignited my interest in art, I immediately Googled it, found it on Amazon, and just bought it for $25 as I'm wrote this Biography back on 10-17-2011 :)

That's what life is to me...a collection of special events, wrapped into this wonderful package....

I’m also a web designer and filmmaker, genealogist and writer. The thing I love most about selling my work here, is that I’m so wonderfully inspired by the huge collection of diverse, unpretentious artists.

'Great art is not determined by a high price, but by a high love of it'

Thanks for the visit, hope my art will be hanging on your walls soon :)

Earl Bowser joined Fine Art America on October 16th, 2011.