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Eddie Durrett - Fine Artist

About Eddie Durrett

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An amateur photographer and digital artist, Eddie spends some of his free time creating digital oil paintings from his and others' digital photos. After work, and on weekends you might find him either traveling around New England to snap the next photo he'll paint', or working on a painting at home. 'New Englanders are so fortunate to live in a part of the country that's a paradise for photographers and artists. There's amazing scenery here, and it's basically free', says Durrett, who took up photography as a hobby several years ago. 'I might be a little picky amidst all the opportunity though. Of the first fifteen-hundred photos I took, I think there were only three that I thought were worth spending the time to convert to paintings.' It can take Durrett up to ten hours to create a painting depending on both the look he or a client wants, and the extent of detail pulled from the original photograph. An electronic pen tablet is his brush, and a computer screen his studio and palette. Asked if he thought that being a digital painting detracted from calling his works 'art' he responded, 'Do you mean some will say it's cheating? Maybe but look, since 1839 or so when the first camera was invented, it has had a tremendous impact on the visual arts. It was probably the birth of a new threat to art purists back then too. But I think digital photography and digital art have simply added another chapter to the overall, and ever evolving, history of Art itself. So we always seem to come back to the question of 'what is art'?'

Eddie Durrett joined Fine Art America on July 1st, 2008.