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Rescued From The Mean Streets Of Puerto Rico

Etna, NH - March 27th, 2017

It is estimate that 500,000 stray dogs known as "Sato" the local term for mutts try to eek out a living on the beaches and streets of Puerto Rico. The life expectancy of these dogs is less than two years. Dead dogs are dropped off daily on the beach known as Dead Dog Beach. Life for these poor animals is bleak but here is the story of "Ronnie" a small Sato puppy rescued by a loving family in New Hampshire. Get the full story and a peak behind Ronnie's deput as a super dog model.

Photographers Work Graces The Cover Of A David Baldacci Bestseller Memory Man

Etna, NH - March 7th, 2017

Fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding's work was recently licensed for use on the newest release by bestselling author David Baldacci called Memory Man and releases on April 23rd in the United Kingdom. Fielding offers rights managed licensing of select image via his agent ArcAngel Images. His portfolio of hand selected images by ArcAngel Images can be seen here: fielding About the book Amos Decker is a former professional football player whose career was ended by a terrible hit. Now a police detective, Amos is still haunted by a side effect from the accident he can never forget. One night Decker comes home from a stakeout to find his wife, young daughter and brother-in-law horrifically murdered. Obviously scarred and nearly broken, Decker has to use his skills as a detective and his unusual brain capacity to try and catch the monster who killed his family.

Bad Hair Days And Dog Breath, Modeling Is Hard Work

Etna, NH - March 1st, 2017

The life of a super dog model is not all bones and biscuits. Sure some days the kibble rains down and luck shines but some days its a bad hair cut and stupid wardrobe. “Just Chillin'” is just one of hundreds of photographs that Tiki the Westie has modeled for in fine art photographer, Edward M. Fielding’s series of dog photographs. More dog modeling at:

WOW Vs. HoHum Photography

Etna, NH - February 28th, 2017

What makes some photography stand out while others become simply more noise? What is a WOW photograph vs. a HoHum photograph? Fine art photographer discusses the differences between photographs that sell over and over and those that just sit there and gain no interest. Learn to see, create and capture images that WOW your audience with lighting, interesting subjects and composition rather than put them to sleep.

Diner Photographer Appears In TV Commercial

Etna, NH - January 31st, 2017

Fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding, known for his long running series of photographs depicting classic Americana diners in the Northeast recently appeared in a TV commercial for the Atlantic Lottery filmed inside a diner on Prince Edward Island Canada. Fielding can be seen receiving a "12%" slice of pie at the 27 second mark of the commercial. Fielding was on Prince Edward Island photographing the island's landscapes and lighthouses when he and his wife decided to stop into the diner for breakfast as the commercial was being filmed and they were immediately recruited for a spot in the film.

Finalist In Photography Forum Emerging Photographers Contest

Etna, NH - January 28th, 2017

Photographer's Forum – Magazine for the Emerging Professional has selected Caffrey Fielding ( as a finalist in the 37th Annual High School and College photography contest. Caffrey Fielding's work was selected from over 13,000 entries to be a finalist. Established in 1977, Photographer’s Forum magazine is an award-winning quarterly publication dedicated to quality reproduction of photography in the United States and Canada. Each issue strives to facilitate communication and publication experience among emerging professionals. Caffrey Fielding is a High School senior at Hanover High School in Hanover, New Hampshire and will be pursuing a degree in Industrial Design in the fall at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Limited Time Promotion On Connecticut River Farm Canvas Print

Etna, NH - January 21st, 2017

For a limited time you can purchase a canvas print of the popular farm landscape by Edward M. Fielding as a canvas print. Purchase a 20.00" x 24.00" stretched canvas print of Edward Fielding's Connecticut River Farm for the promotional price of $100. This offer is available to the first 25 collectors and expires in five days. To get this photograph required hoping over a guard rail and sliding down an muddy, weedy, steep embankment and carefully traversing roots and slippery rocks! But it was well worth the trouble. This photograph was used in the music video "Vermont on my Mind" - Piano Solo by MASAKO, Composer/Pianist

Artist Sells Over 500 Photographs And Artwork On Fine Art America

Etna, NH - January 19th, 2017

Success on Fine Art America and Pixels – I’ve been a member of Fine Art America and Pixels since 2011 and have 700+ followers and my work has been seen by 1,500,000+ visitors. I keep track of the images that have sold in this gallery –

75 Amazing Train Photographs

Etna, NH - January 11th, 2017

Photographer Edward M. Fielding spent the summer photographing steam trains along the Connecticut River railways as well as trekking to Banff to photograph modern freight trains navigating the famous Morant’s Curve in Bow Valley. A collection of seventy five amazing train photographs are sure to please any train buff. The railroad and locomotive photographs are available for purchase as prints as well as framed and matted museum quality artwork.

Fine Art Photography Goes To The Dogs

Etna, NH - January 10th, 2017

"Pho Dog Grapher" by fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding proves that the art world is truly going to the dogs. A tongue in cheek photograph of a cute westie dog in the studio taking a photograph using a vintage press camera from the 1940s. "Pho Dog Grapher" is available as fine art prints, canvas prints, metal, framed and matted and even as a coffee mug and other products.

Artists Work Brings Joy To A Little Boy

Etna, NH - January 2nd, 2017

When little Timmy's mother took in a small pug dog for a friend on a temporary basis, Timmy could not think that he would become so attached to the little clownish dog in such a short time. The small pug was forced from his home by a demented landlord and had to find a home during the busy holiday season. All through Christmas break the dog and Timmy were never apart. After some legal work and a judge who sided with the tenant, the cute little dog was returned to his home. As a thank you gift the pug's owners sent Timmy a pillow with the pug's photo on it.

The Quotable Westie Climbs The Charts

Etna, NH - December 27th, 2016

The Quotable Westie book reaches Amazon Best Sellers Rank of #709,020 in books and #1466 in Books > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Pets & Animal Care > Dogs > Breeds. With over a million new books released each year, this book of funny dog photographs by Edward M. Fielding, published by Dogford Studios is lucky to find an audience without major publishing backing and a book tour, but fans have managed to find it among all of the noise. "Supermodel "Tiki the Westie" stars as photographer Edward M. Fielding's inspirational muse for this series of dog photographs. Tiki takes on multiple personas including old Broadway actors, Aladdin as in One Thousand and One Nights and Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail. Accompanying quotes from writers, comedians and other notable humans round out the photographs and includes this tongue in cheek gem from Jerry Spinelli: "People who dress up their pets to...

Photographers Work Featured On Book Cover

Etna, NH - December 14th, 2016

Fine art photographer, Edward M. Fielding also licenses his work through his agency at Arcangel Image ( Nearly 1,000 carefully selected images are part of the Fielding portfolio on Arcangel. Die Legende von der »Herzesserin«, einer zahnlosen Alten, die vorlaute Kinder tötet und ihr Herz verspeist, ist in der finnischen Kleinstadt Suvikylä seit Generationen lebendig. Sogar ein Initiationsritus ist daraus entstanden. Doch ist was Wahres dran an dieser Gruselgeschichte? Das möchte die Religionswissenschaftlerin Maisa herausfinden – nicht nur wegen ihrer Doktorarbeit über Volksglauben. Sie stammt aus Suvikylä, und die Initiation war für sie als Jugendliche ein traumatisches Erlebnis. Maisa begibt sich auf Spurensuche, fest entschlossen, das düstere Geheimnis des Ortes zu lüften.

Black Friday Free Shipping On Any Size, Any Product, Any Destination

Etna, NH - November 25th, 2016

Friday November 25th until midnight - free shipping on any artwork, any product to any destination around the world. Lightening strikes but once a year, if you are lucky! For only the second time in its long history, Fine Art America and Pixels are offering FREE SHIPPING on all artwork - including prints, framed and matted artwork, canvas prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, the new wooden prints and products. Free Shipping Until Midnight Nov. 25th - Black Friday Shipping on very large prints can cost hundreds of dollars so the savings are substantial. Often the cost of shipping framed artwork or a large canvas or metal print can be prohibitive, leading to the purchase of a work rolled in a tube to be framed later at a local framer. Unfortunately, these prints often end up on a "to do" list and don't get framed or its discovered that local framing is expensive. Today you have the...

New Vintage Tractors Artwork

Etna, NH - September 14th, 2016

Photographer and visual artist Edward M. Fielding ( has just release a new artwork in his popular series of vintage tractor photographs, paintings and art. Fielding says, "I now have close to 100 photographs and artworks in my Vintage Tractors portfolio. I'm a a big fan of these farming workhorses, really the most important machine on any farm. I'm especially fond of the old reliable equipment that family farmers keep in good shape. Some of restored as a piece of history and become as pampered as a classic car but I see a lot of these old tractors in use around the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire where I live. At local fairs you can see vintage tractor clubs displaying their pride and joys but I really get excited when I see one of these beauties cutting hay in a neighbor's field or pulling a trailer float at a local Fourth of July parad...

New Lighthouse Print From Edward M. Fielding

Etna, NH - September 13th, 2016

New Lighthouse Print To celebrate the release of a new lighthouse print by Edward M. Fielding, we are offering a special deal on 24.00″ x 36.00″ stretched canvas prints of Edward Fielding’s Lighthouse North Rustico Prince Edward Island for the promotional price of $145. Only 10 of these special canvases will be available at this promotional price and the offer expires in five days.

Young Artist Working On Giant Charcoal Self-Portrait

Etna, NH - September 6th, 2016

A fascinating look at a young teen artist creating a giant charcoal drawing of a self-portrait with multiple angles. This time lapse video gives a glimpse at what it takes to create a huge self-portrait using charcoal. Caffrey Fielding is a senior high school student looking to attend a prestigious art and design school next year. This video compresses 90 minutes of time into approximately two minutes of video.

Artist Work Featured On Cover Of Dawns Early Light Reprint

Etna, NH - September 1st, 2016

Photographer Edward M. Fielding's photograph of a American Revolutionary War Era Soldier will grace the cover of a reprinted edition of Elswyth Thane's book "Dawn's Early Light". Thane is most famous for her "Williamsburg" series of historical fiction. The books cover several generations of two families from the American Revolutionary War up to World War II. In later books, the action moves from Williamsburg to New York City, Richmond, Virginia and England. The novels are, in chronological order: Dawn's Early Light (1943), Yankee Stranger (1944), Ever After (1945), The Light Heart (1947), Kissing Kin (1948), This Was Tomorrow (1951) and Homing (1957). Fielding is a fine art photographer who also supplies images to publishers for licensing via his agency, Arcangel. Prints of "Dawn's Early Light" can be purchase on Fine Art America here:

Behind The Cover Shot

Etna, NH - August 3rd, 2016

David Mark's new novel "Eternal Penance" features a cover image by Edward M. Fielding. The original photograph can be purchase here on Fine Art America or Pixels as a print or on products at: Fielding's photographs can be licensed as rights managed image from Arcangel at: ........ Eternal penance. McAvoy's third case David Mark No motive, no guilt, no mercy Actually Detective Aector McAvoy can put away the brutality of his profession very well. He only has an Achilles heel: his family. He loves his wife more than anything. Despite its worst cases, it helps him to believe in the good in people. But with every death comes closer evil his family. Now put three brutal m...

The Newest Psycho Thriller Book Cover By Fieldng

Etna, NH - August 1st, 2016

Edward M. Fielding's photograph of an older woman clutching a book to her chest has been chosen to grace the cover of "Stumme Seelen: Psychothriller" (German) Paperback to be released on 13 Jan 2017 by author by Marko Hautala. Fielding creates imagery for the publishing industry and is represented by the boutique stock agency, Arcangel, which specializes in editorial and book cover imagery of all types. Fielding's portfolio of rights managed images can be found here: A selection of Fielding's book cover photographs and artwork can be purchased as prints and products via this website:

Fund Raiser For The Upper Valley Humane Society

Etna, NH - June 23rd, 2016

In honor of poor "Fred" the terrier mix who was dog napped from the Upper Valley Humane Society, Tiki the super model offers this limited time promotion. 25 canvas prints are available with all proceeds being donated to the UVHS. This offer only lasts five days so be sure to get your canvas print and donate to a great cause! - Providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused, and unwanted animals in Lebanon.

37th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival Captured In New Movie

Etna, NH - June 19th, 2016

It's that time of year again. Time to people to climb into woven baskets strapped on to giant colorful nylon sacks,, fill them with hot air and float into the sky! This new video from multimedia artist Edward M. Fielding captures the fun and excitement of the 37th Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Quechee, Vermont. Over 20 hot air balloons fill up and take off into the sky like something out of the Wizard of Oz. The colorful balloons decorate the beautiful natural wonder of the Upper Valley region of Vermont to the delight of spectators and passengers as they float over the Quechee gorge and where ever the wind currents take them, only to finally land in an open field, gift shop parking lot or where ever they can. See the video at:

New Series Of Surreal Photographs

Etna, NH - June 3rd, 2016

Fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding has released a new collection of surreal photographs for purchase as prints, canvas prints and framed and matted artwork. "....the same way I work with surreal photography. Jerry says he never knows where the image will end up and I feel the same way. I might start out with one notion but end up with something completely different at the end of the day. The images themselves often suggest the direction and sometimes lead one down a dead end alley only to find an escape door into another possibility...." Read more at:

Photographers Work Appears On Book Cover

Etna, NH - June 1st, 2016

Photography of Edward M. Fielding licensed for use on the cover of Le clan des chiqueurs de paille (French) Paperback – 2016 by Mo Yan. Edward M. Fielding's photograph of a giant Eastern Lubber Grasshopper has been licensed for use on the French Paperback edition of Le clan des chiqueurs de paile by author Mo Ya. The photograph was licensed via Fielding's agency Arcangel and the original image can be purchased here on Fine Art America: Fielding's portfolio of images with Arcangel, available for rights managed licensing for your next book cover project can be found here: ...... Le Clan des chiqueurs de paille Mo Yan Traduit par : Chantal Chen-Andro Au creux des marais du canton nord-est de Gaomi, le clan de...

Weirs Beach Laconia New Hampshire

Etna, NH - May 25th, 2016

End of May but the weather has been as warm as summer here in New Hampshire. After a week of tearing up old carpeting in the house and doing yardwork I decided I needed a day out. Since I had to drop off a woodstove door for repair in Meredith, I decided to check out Weirs Beach which is just around the corner. For some reason I've never been down Scenic Drive so this was a new place to explore. The temps were in the 80s and people were on the beach as well are busy getting the areas spruced up for Memorial Day Weekend. Painting railings, sweeping out arcades, fixing up old porches. I wandered around looking for interesting things to photograph and found this wonderful section of turn of the century beach cottages on the banks of Lake Winnipesaukee. What a treasure trove of small, tiny Victorian gems! Some were in need of a lot of fixing up but this one at the end of the stre...

Recent Artwork Sales By Artist Edward M. Fielding

Etna, NH - May 24th, 2016

An overview of the last ten sales in May 2016 by fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding. Links in the article will show you the exact framing option or product option ordered. Links to the popular images for ordering custom artwork is also included. Contact: website:

New Series Of Artwork Brings Dreams To Life

Etna, NH - May 16th, 2016

Fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding's "Visual Poetry" series of surreal, dream like images are highlighted in a article "The stuff that dreams are made of" which features several of Fielding's surreal landscapes with floating structures and out of place objects as well as the "Visual Poetry" series of dream and sometimes nightmare works of multi-layered, blended and stacked imagery. Contact: website:

Fine Art Photographer Edward M. Fielding Releases Series Of Funny Dog Photographs

Etna, NH - May 12th, 2016

Fine Art Photographer Edward M. Fielding Releases Series of Funny Dog Photographs New Hampshire based fine art photographer Edward M. Fielding has just released a series of humorous dog photographs via Fine Art America/ (, and is selling framed prints and other artwork worldwide using the company’s industry-leading service network. Buyers can make use of 24-hour customer service and a full money-back guarantee. Hanover, New Hampshire – May 12, 2016 /PressCable/ — Upper Valley photographer and artist Edward M. Fielding, know for his magazine and book cover work in the International publishing industry, decided to create a series of funny, sweet and humorous photographs featuring his westie “Tiki” as well as some of his friend’s dogs. The entire series is available as prints that can be purchased from Fine Art America and its sister site P...

Tree Of Zen Metal Print

Etna, NH - November 16th, 2015 New limited edition release of "Tree of Zen" by Edward M. Fielding. Tree of Zen captures a dramatic scene in Pratt Cove in Deep River, CT. Only 75 of these 20x30 metal prints will be sold. The image gets printed directly onto a sheet of 1/16" thick aluminum!The aluminum sheet is offset from the wall by a 3/4" thick wooden frame which is attached to the back. The wooden frame on the back of the print includes a hanging wire for easy mounting on your wall. All metal prints arrive "ready to hang" with mounting hooks and nails.Metal prints are extremely durable. They're lightweight. They won't bend, and they're water resistant.The high gloss of the aluminum sheet complements the rich colors of any image to produce stunning results.

Limited Time Promotion

Etna, NH - November 15th, 2015 Pumpkins For Sale Vermont Canvas Printby Edward Fielding. Purchase a 20.00″ x 24.00″ stretched canvas print of Edward Fielding’s Pumpkins For Sale Vermont for the promotional price of:$99 Only 15 left at this special price. Promotion ends in five days.

New Series On Maple Sugaring

Etna, NH - March 28th, 2013

Here in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont along the Connecticut River a fascinating tradition emerges from the deep cold winters. A warm, humid, sweet aroma raises from backyard sugar houses as the cold nights and warming days of early spring not only melt the snows but awaken the trees who start sending complex sugars up from their roots to the branches and leaf buds. A chemical signal to shake off winter hibernation and to start producing leaves and flowers for the coming warm season. For hundreds of years enterprising New England farmers have tapped into this flow of sap to gather, boil and bottle sweet maple syrup. The process combines generational traditions, old fashioned know how and modernized equipment to produce one of the most natural and beloved food products in the world. Join photographer Edward M. Fielding has he journey's inside the sugarhouses...

Alternative Airstream-Punk Reality From Artist Edward M. Fielding

Etna, NH - November 15th, 2012

As a child do you remember looking up in the sky and seeing shiny aluminium streamlined travel trailers floating above the horizon? Maybe in Grandma's photo album there was a Kodak Brownie camera snapshot of a family camping above the treeline in their new lighter than air Airstream travel trailer? No? Artist Edward Fielding has re-imagined an alternative history in which the iconic American brand of RV, the always retro-futuristic aerodynamic Airstream camper was not only lightweight, cool, hip and portable but also able to somehow overcome the laws of physics. In his new series, Fielding's Airstreams fly over head water towers, float over the landscape and migrate south for the winter. Fielding's work hints toward the Steam Punk movement with its revisionist history of what could have been but an added element of the absurd. Indeed the Airstream campers have the suggestion tha...

New 2012 Hot Air Balloon Calendar Released

Etna, NH - June 20th, 2011

Up, up and away with gorgeous, colorful images of hot air balloons in this new calendar from photographer Edward Fielding. The calender features twelve bright, colorful and down right "uplifting" images of balloons from the 32nd Annual Quechee Hot Air Balloon, Craft & Music Festival in Quechee Vermont. The Quechee Balloon Festival is the longest continuously running Hot Air Balloon Festival in New England. Fielding was grated special access to the event so many of the image were taken right up next to the balloons including the bold cover shot of a balloon just starting to be filled with air. The calendar is created using print on demand technology so it can be customized by the buyer to start at any time. Tired of your current boring calendar? Need something a bit more exciting and uplifting? You can start this calendar this month or save it as a gift for next year. Edward F...