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Edward Ching - Artist

About Edward Ching

Learn more about Edward Ching from New York City, NY - United States.

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Edward Ching was born in Boston, Massachusetts and started drawing from a young age. From at least second year of grade school, Edward showed talent in drawings of King Kong, a Volkswagon Beatle (the family vehicle), and other subject matter. I remember selling my first drawing when I was 9 years old to a girl in the 4th grade for 25 cents. I know that some of those kids, now all grown up, still have my drawings!

I made the decision in my first year of college to major in fine arts, painting. I was soon in an excellent figure drawing class and learning to draw the model in the 'gesture' method. Part of the gesture method seeks to build up the figure from the core outwards. Also one learns to capture the gesture of the entire figure in an instantaneous manner. And after learning this we could refine the drawing to a higher degree. A book, 'The Natural Way to Draw', by Kimon Nicolaides, is an excellent way to learn this method of drawing.

After I earned my BFA degree in Painting from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I worked as a portrait artist in Harvard Square Cambridge, Massachusetts until the opportunity came to drive to Key West, Florida. Five of us drove there in a Ford Mustang. I spent time there honing my painting and portraiture skills. I worked in the impressionist style and did many boats, beaches, streets of old town Key West, etc.

In addition to that, I spent a summer doing portraits in Paris, and wintered in Austria (painting beautiful farm fields of Vorarlberg). I also taught art classes in Colombia, South America and Massachusetts.

Edward Ching joined Fine Art America on June 15th, 2013.