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Ellie Perla - Artist

About Ellie Perla

Learn more about Ellie Perla from Miami, FL - United States.

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Ellie Perla is of German and Romanian descent, and considers herself a cross-cultured world citizen infatuated with foreign lands. Both Ellie’s mother and grandmother painted; her grandmother gave her the first set of oil paints at the age of seven. About her art schooling, she said: ‘My teachers were museums and library books. I drew a lot, stared at lights and shadows for hours, copied oil paintings, and I sold the copies to buy more paint. There is not much left to show from these early years, but for the love of art that stayed with me always.’

In regards to her artistic motives, Ellie explains: ‘Our subconscious has all the necessary elements that make us creative; each uncertainty has already been answered in the recesses of our brain. I don’t feel the necessity of analyzing, constructing and deconstructing what I do since it is already there, stashed away like family heirlooms in an old storage space. I just hold the door open. My art is me, a simple thought. Me, as I navigate through life from pain to peace; from black to color.’

Regarding the purpose of her art, Ellie adds: ‘As a society we are all responsible for the outcome of each individual's life. As a female artist, I feel responsible to share something positive. It is no different from being a parent.’

Ellie’s drawings and paintings are colorful and intricate windows into her imagination, a place where east meets west, where feelings are alive and have shapes, hues and textures. A place of ultimate pleasure: the pleasure of art.

Ellie Perla is also a professional photographer, and has created over the years a large portfolio of travel and fine-art photography, including infrared and 3-D photography. She lives in Miami, USA; near Barcelona, Spain, and in Seoul, South Korea. She is the publisher/editor of TAKE-KR MAGAZINE, a monthly travel digital photo-magazine on South Korea; of the yearly TAKE-KR SOUTH KOREA TRAVEL ALMANAC; and writes and illustrates children books. She speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian and a touch of Korean.

Ellie Perla joined Fine Art America on May 7th, 2012.