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Enrico Pelos is a photographer and journalist.   Born in Genoa.   At the beginning, designer and graphic artist, passionate about the psyche-prog-rock music scene, he worked in London for some years where he lived in contact with the interesting movements of the '70s and' 80s (he later wrote as co-author 'Memorie Beatlesiane e dintorni' with shots at big concerts like Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Kraftwerk, CSN & Y, etc) .   Back in Italy he founded with other photographers photoclubs and he organized and participates in several group exhibitions and then personal exhibitions such as 'Along the...more
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“Intra Sïestri e Chiaveri s’adima una fiumana bella”... inizia così la terzina in cui Dante Alighieri racconta l'incontro con Papa Adriano V dei Fieschi, nel XIX canto del Purgatorio. Siestri di Neirone è stata riconosciuta dall’Accademia della Crusca come il luogo di passaggio (o perlomeno di ispirazione forse dalle informazioni dalla nipote di Adriano, Alagia Fieschi, di cui era stato ospite)... della terzina del Sommo Poeta... Oggi è uno dei Luoghi Abbandonati delle Passeggiate a Levante della Liguria lungo l'Itinerario dei Feudi Fliscani della Fontanabuona... www.enricopelos.it _ "Intra Sïestri and Chiaveri, a beautiful stream begins" ... thus begins the triplet in which Dante Alighieri tells of his meeting with Pope Adriano V dei Fieschi, in the nineteenth canto of Purgatory. Siestri of Neirone was recognized by the Accademia della Crusca as the place of passage (or at least perhaps inspired by information from Adriano's granddaughter, Alagia Fieschi, of whom he had been a guest) ... of the tercet of the Supreme Poet ... Today it is one of the Abandoned Places of the Walks to the East of Liguria along the Itinerary of the Feudi Fliscani della Fontanabuona ... www.luoghiabbandonati.it www.passeggiatealevante.it

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