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Enver Larney - Fine Artist

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Sydney, NS - July 10th, 2017

The Canberra Times Weekend Arts Saturday April 24th 2010 Enver Larney chose art over diplomacy, ARNE SJOSTED writes. Painter and former political exile Enver Larney does not eat exoskeleton fish, its an African thing emanating from dietary codes wrapped in the history of Ethiopia, he says. Fair enough, of course, though does squid have an exoskeleton? So went the mental noise as lunch was ordered and the squid was quietly left for next time...just in case. A mix of personalities that range between artist and activist, Larney is professional and engaged, polite and full of focus for his work. "I'm very private and work very hard, I travel a lot," he says. "It's quite a privilege for me to bring my art to Australia". Larney's show, Impressions, is an exhibition of work at present hanging in the High Court of Australia. "What I do and how I do it is unprecedented in the modern are...

Honest Strokes

Sydney, NS - July 10th, 2017

Thursday July 3 2003 The Gulf Today What you see is what you get with Enver Larney's Impressions of our World, and his impressions now on exhibit at the Taj Palace Hotel Dubai, are thoroughly honest WRITES Rajeev Nair Such outright frankness can only come from the bold. And Enver Larney, sure is a bold man. Bold, as an activist with the African National Congress, forced to flee his country. Bold, as an upcoming artist deciding to take a stand and not follow any stream of the fashionable modern art, but focus on impressionism, a form that is unqualifiedly honest. His father died when Larney was barely eighteen months old, and his mother lived a tough life within the black community of Cape Town South Africa. Political subjugation in South Africa gave me the desire to succeed in what I did says Larney, whose ancestral roots can be traced down to a mixture of Irish, Kashmiri and ...

Cape Boy With A Restless Brush And Itchy Feet

Sydney, NS - July 10th, 2017

Saturday November 7th 1999 SUNDAY CULTURE THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT SOUTH AFRICA An exhibition of paintings by local artist Enver Larney is opening in Cape Town this month, write Bennie Bunsee The most striking thing about Enver Larney's paintings apart from their stunning beauty is their similarity to those of Vincent van Gogh. The colours jump at you, but instead of yellow, van Gogh's famous colour of life, Larney captivates you with blue. Larney is predominantly an impressionist landscape painter, fascinated by nature, with which he has a spiritual dialogue that animates his art. The colour blue defines his attitude towards nature and earth as essence, the unity for him that underlines all. Everything else is peripheral. Larney left South Africa in 1973 after he became involved with the black consciousness movement (BCM). His earliest influence came from Dulcie September, th...


Sydney, NS - July 10th, 2017

Saturday May 16 1998 THE HOBART MERCURY GALLERY WATCH THE SALAMANCA COLLECTION with GEORG ANDERSCH South African born Enver Larney is the artist at present exhibiting at the Red Chappel gallery in Sandy Bay. Painting in the traditional oils on canvas, Larney presents us with an awesome array of work from around the world a sort of roll call for collectors of frequent flyer points. Ranging from Sarah Island in our own territory, Larney touched down in Ireland, England,Botswana,Sweden, Belgium, Canada and the United States. All this and more comes packaged in a most agreeable style of the classic French Impressionist School - and it is remarkable how well Larney's style translates and accommodates the Tasmanian environment. In particular a work featuring the Carlton river looks unmistakably Tasmanian despite a painting of County Donegal in Ireland, hanging on the wall oppo...


Sydney, NS - July 10th, 2017

Thursday April 28 2005 The Gulf Today Weekly Tabloid Enver Larney has taken on himself a tough calling in life, fight the pseudo-intellectualism that abounds in art. His tool is his own artistic style: A brutally honest Impressionism. Rajeev Nair has the details. Enver Larney could easily be one of those last idealists in art. He unabashedly celebrates impressionism, and that doesn't necessarily endear himself to the vendors of Fine Art today. His works leave no room for pretensions. And that worries his critics. His orientation to art, mainly impressionism, illustrates the truth of the moment. His brush strokes are honest takes on nature, as interpreted by the artist, and conveyed through the shifting effects of sunlight. Living in an age when digital images wrapped around expensive frames, fetch obscene rewards for the artist, Larney finds himself obliged to once again take ...

Warhol Was Just An Industrialist

Sydney, NS - July 10th, 2017

Thursday May 12 2005 Gulf News Tabloid Dubai UAE South African painter Enver Larney draws from a passion forged in the trauma of apartheid. Catch his works at the Grand Hyatt By Piers Grimley Evans Staff Reporter The last impressionist perhaps, brings a fresh approach to art featuring at the Worldwide Property show in the Grand Hyatt Dubai, this week. As an artist, Enver Larney has just one problem, but it is quite a big one. Gallery owners are not my favourite people, says the 54 year old South African artist. In most respects though, he would seem likeable enough. His tie-dyed tee-shirt and faded jeans emphasise what any fan of underground comics will swiftly detect a striking resemblance to Phineas the Fabulous Freak Brother (although he rejects the hippy label) I'm a baby boomer. That is a more respectable word. In a deadpan west coast drawl he also recounts a life stu...

Renowned Painter Visits Botswana

Sydney, NS - July 10th, 2017

MONDAY FEBRUARY 25TH 2008 Arts and Culture Gaberone By Kagiso Molefhe Gaberone. Internationally acclaimed painter Enver Larney, had an art and talk show at the Gaberone Yacht Club on Wednesday. Larney was born and raised in South Africa during the apartheid era, but in 1972 decided that life in South Africa under white minority rule was too unbearable and decided to flee the country for Europe. He later emigrated to Australia where he is currently a citizen. For the past 25 years, he has traveled around the world capturing nature on canvas. I spend most of my time traveling around the world painting and that is probably why I haven't settled in one place he joked. Although and Australian citizen, Larney has spent a lot of time in the United States where he sells most of his work, and have also taught art. Anyone can do this, he says. When I teach, I let my students know that...