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Eul Hurley - Artist

About Eul Hurley

Learn more about Eul Hurley from Los Angeles, CA - United States.

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My artworks are animations of impasto and sweeping brush strokes with impact, creating a surface of tension, a paradox of visual emotions and concerns. They create forms that facilitate depth and uncanny synthesis within the compositions, strong forms, bending edges, and expressive discordant surfaces; narratives captivating, scintillating, and conjuring heightened emotions.

My works gaze life's contradictions, its realities, its bare emotions, whether portrayals of contemporary iconography, urban terrain or figurative, where depth and time congeal into space exposing transformation and recreation. Often the themes are combinations of mundane objects, juxtaposed in whimsical scenario but formally unified with adherence to form and shape. A surreal quality surfaces suggesting notions of agitation and motion, with the materials and processes consistent linked by recurring formal concerns and subject matter. There is a nuance of Romanticism that sweeps the activity of the imagination across the painting’s surface; it is the visual language of the Imaginist a philosophy of “no ideas but in things.” It is a pictorial style with the focus not on objective representation, but on a personalized imagery that reads with emotions and impressionability.

The paint is naive, thick, and viscous it adheres, coagulates, and congeals across the igneous blank canvas. In its wake compositions emerge; forms move and dominate space rich in color; texture develops into environments real or fabricated; into animations of synergy.
The overture is sometimes foreboding; its source and message driven by manipulation, characters mirrored, masked, and disguised as manmade objects; portraits and emotional issues exploited.

My painting communicates the elements of tension and resolve; thickly exaggerated, agitated gestures that expose the materials and surface of the paint. I draw my inspiration from the external environment and my internal awareness. The style depicts sharp circumstances and consequences, as tensions between attraction and repulsion confronts the observer, the dialogue results in a visual copulation, where fabrication amplifies the visual consciousness.

Goals as a Painter

My artistic endeavors are always to perfect my craft with recognition, to be outstanding and part of the history of art. I paint to transmit my personal quest. I am a visual “Storyteller” uniting my art and my spirit. I speak through my materials and processes to transform my inner concepts into a visual narrative with the paint surface as my storyboard.

Audience engagement is essential to the success of my experience. I accomplish this through active engagement and participation in gallery exhibitions, art venues, and advertizing my professional capabilities and enthusiasm.

BFA in Painting & Printing-making and Graphic Design Certificate - Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
Studied Graphic Design at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and Art Institute of Boston, MA
Work has appeared Boston Copley Society, Terminal Studio Artist Exhibitions, Open Space Gallery, Boston, MA; SAC Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Arts Affaire, Beverly Hills, CA; RAW, Los Angeles, CA; private collections.

Artist Collection - critique and works - 'International Contemporary Artists' Vol II Publication: ICA Publishing 2011
Artist Collection - critique and works - 'Featured Artists' Vol II Publication: Mediaplan Publishing 2011

Eul Hurley joined Fine Art America on January 10th, 2010.