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Member of the International Guild Of Realism.   Inducted into the Grumbacher Artist Hall Of Fame.   ARTIST STATEMENT 'My aim is to provide the visual stimulus to reconnect with nature, to renew body, mind and spirit through the imagery that I capture of the natural world with brushes and paint and through my camera lens.   I hope that you find an image in my collections that will enhance your life.' ABOUT THE ARTIST ~ FRANK WILSON As far back as my memory serves me, I was a creative.   My family says I was born with a crayon in my mouth.   Drawing, building...more
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Historic Gold Mining Mural In Oroville California

Paradise, CA - September 5th, 2020

Located at 1267 Montgomery Street in Historic Downtown Oroville, CA, this 72.5 x 18 foot tall mural was a commission from the City of Oroville Arts Council. Paradise, California artist Frank WIlson painted this mural in collaboration with artist Ted Hanson of Oroville, California. This mural celebrates the rich gold mining industry that built the "City of Gold". This 3-D illusion took hundreds of man hours to design, layout, paint and protect. Using the finest mural paints available, Ted and Frank worked for months until the illusion was complete. Frank and Ted are available for free mural consultations for homes, hotels, resorts and businesses.

Frank Wilson Featured In Chico News And Review

Paradise, CA - July 6th, 2017

12.23.10. Painter Of Night Lights Paradise artist brings the stars inside By Vic Cantu Paradise resident Frank Wilson leads me toward the doorway of his walk-in closet for an artistic "magic trick". The closet is huge: approximately 10 feet by 6 feet, neatly organized, its walls and ceiling painted a pleasing, flat white. "I invite you to please come in and close the door, then shut off the light," he says very cordially, in his Boston accent. When I do so, a seemingly impossible scene comes to life in the pitch blackness. All four walls turn into an extremely realistic night sky�the kind one marvels at on the clearest of romantic, summer evenings. Stars by the thousands, of all sizes and groupings, adorn what was previously the plain white interior. Toward the far end of the ceiling a shooting star has left a green, foot-long trail. As three or fo...

California Artists Help Hotels Inns And Spas Increase Their OCCUPANCY RATE

Paradise, CA - May 12th, 2017

How do they do this? ... by creating a more MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE for your guests. Sure, service and all the amenities are important to having a pleasurable stay at your hotel but what will your guests remember that will want to make them come back again and again and tell all their friends and family about what they experienced. What if they could stargaze at the most beautiful night sky right from the comfort of their bed! Think of the added attraction and advantage your hotel can have in offering your guests the option to relax and gaze up in awe under a beautiful canopy of softly glowing stars, constellations, and the majestic Milky Way. This Illusion creates a very romantic, stress-relieving atmosphere for them to enjoy! In addition, kids and teens love it! Perfect for the stressed-out business professional. Many hotels offer special romantic packages with StarScapesFX Rooms. ...

Frank Wilson Creates Dinosaur Illustrations As Prints

Paradise, CA - December 29th, 2012

Paradise, California artist, Frank Wilson, has never outgrown his childhood fascination with dinosaurs even though he is now in his sixth decade of life. "Dinosaurs had to have been such incredible creatures and we know so little about them" said the artist. The artist is creating a series of original, hand painted dinosaur illustrations, which he then photographs and sets into a photograph of a landscape. After much research of fossil skeletal remains, each dinosaur was hand painted in gouache and acrylics on Crescent 300.3 Illustration Board. After photographing the dinosaur painting and superimposing the painting onto the landscape photograph the entire composite image was digitally tweaked for realism. The artist is proud to offer these stunningly lifelike images as fine art prints on your choice of seven fine art papers or stretched artists canvas. And for those who prefer a c...

Beach Walking Series Of Oil Paintings By Frank Wilson

Paradise, CA - March 21st, 2012

The solitude of a walk with just a loved one and the powerful waves rolling in from a relentless sea is an experience many treasure. To capture those moments, artist Frank Wilson painted a series of four different 12 x 24 inch oil paintings depicting moments in the lives of those who have enjoyed the sublime joy of walking long, deserted stretch of the seashore with a loved one. The ...

Kauai Hawaii Glow In The Dark Wall Mural

Paradise, CA - March 21st, 2012

Frank Wilson, your "Painter Of Dreams" as created another incredible glow in the dark mural. This glow in the dark mural, "Bali Hai, Tunnels Beach, Kauai", measures 10 feet tall and is almost 17 feet wide! It is painted on a plain white wall that has a slight knockdown sheet rock texture. The mural is virtually invisible in the daytime or when the rooms lights are on! The scene is accurate and is the view is from Tunnels Beach looking towards the Bali Hai Cliffs of the North Napali coast on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. This mural is astonishing in it's beauty and the realism that he captured using nothing but five different glowing phosphors on a plain white wall. Contact Artist, Illusionist, Frank Wilson for more information on having a custom Glow Mural in your home, home theater, hotel, resort or spa! He works on location in all fifty of the United States. Wilson also shi...

New Oil Painting By California Realist Frank Wilson

Paradise, CA - December 24th, 2011

California painter Frank Wilson, who is a member of the International Guild Of Realism, has just finished the latest work in his continuing series of large, dramatic oils of Lake Tahoe. This new oil painting, "Lake Tahoe Sand Harbor", is 60" wide x 36" tall and is painted on a frame-less 2" deep cradled hardboard panel. It will be available through the James Harold Gallery of Tahoe City in Lake Tahoe, California as soon as it is dry. The price is $10,800.00. We are now accepting advance orders for full size giclee prints that will be available in a signed and numbered limited edition of 75 for $2,000.00 each. Eight artists proofs will available for $2,500.00 each.

The Cosmic Ceiling Murals Of Frank Wilson

Paradise, CA - December 24th, 2011

By Alexandria Page Paradise, California Frank Wilson asked me to look up at the ceiling. I did and saw nothing extraordinary, just a plain white ceiling. He shut off the lights and I could not believe the stars that I saw! No Folks,... I'm not talking about those phony looking, greenish yellow, plastic stars that fall off your ceiling or fade out in less than a half hour. What I saw was a planetarium quality replica of the night sky, complete with the major constellations in their proper astronomical positions relative to one another and even the majestic, shimmering Milky Way! In one corner there was even a cluster of three shooting stars! The depth perception was unbelievable, my eyes were tricking me into thinking that the ceiling was gone and I was gazing light years into space. When I asked; “How long will it will glow?“ Wilson said; “The rare-earth phosphors that I use glo...

Artist Frank Wilson Featured In Northern California Spaces Magazine

Paradise, CA - September 29th, 2010

Featured in the fall issue on page 22 of Northern California Spaces Magazine in a 'finishing touch' article is Northern California artist Frank Wilson. The article feature two of the artist's works one of which won first place in February 2010 in the Turner Color Works Of Japan International Gouache Painting Competition. This award winning artist has been written up in many publications over his thirty nine year professional career. He has also been featured on on ABC's nationally televised "Good Morning America" show as well as on local California CBS television news stories. Wilson is available for custom painting commissions, mural both exterior and interior as well as his amazing illusions that can only be seen in total darkness. Frank Wilson is represented by the following fine art galleries. Gallery On Merchant's Square, Historic Williamsburg, Virginia Gallery On The Gre...

New Works At James Harold Galleries

Paradise, CA - July 27th, 2010

The James Harold Gallery will be offering these latest paintings from the fine art studio of Northern California artist Frank Wilson in early July. Wilson has been creating a series of large paintings of the shorelines and mountains around Lake Tahoe on 2" deep, frameless, cradled hardboard panels. This press release is a "wet paint preview" and the paintings must be throughly dry before we exhibit them in the gallery in early July. "Rocky Cove on Lake Tahoe" is 36" x 60" oil on a frame-less 2" deep cradled hardboard panel.

Artist Reception And Painting Demonstration In Tahoe City California

Paradise, CA - July 2nd, 2010

Harold Slear, owner of the James Harold Gallery in Tahoe City, California, invites you to the Gallery on July 17th and 18th for a special “meet the artist” event and reception for California realist painter, Frank Wilson, who will be demonstrating his award winning techniques in oil painting on both days at the Gallery. Wilson will stop painting at 4:00 each afternoon and there will be a full Gallery reception on Saturday evening from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Wilson is a member of the prestigious International Guild Of Realism and the James Harold Gallery is pleased to be representing his realism landscape paintings in both oil and gouache, an opaque watercolor. The Gallery will be exhibiting several large new oils that capture stunning views of Lake Tahoe and it's surroundings. Some of these paintings show the Lake from unusual perspectives with dramatic lighting that captures the ro...

James Harold Galleries Features Artist Frank Wilson

Paradise, CA - May 17th, 2010

James Harold Galleries, on Lake Tahoe, California is pleased to be representing the paintings of California artist Frank Wilson. The Gallery has started with a selection of 24 original works in both oils and gouache, an opaque watercolor. The Lake Tahoe area is one of Wilson's favorite areas to paint and he hikes the shores trails and mountains surrounding the Lake for inspiration. "I don't have to travel very far" commented Wilson. "I'm amazed at how many different, beautiful compositions I can paint from just one vantage point", the artist said. Frank Wilson is a member of the prestigious "International Guild Of Realism". His works range in size from small 4 x 6 inch framed studies to large 36 x 60 inch panoramic oil paintings depicting the incredible beauty of the Lake Tahoe area. The artist said; "I think I would need at least 10,000 years to paint all the scenes that have in...

Frank Wilson Featured Cover Artist In Sacramento Talent Magazine

Paradise, CA - April 7th, 2010

The April 2010 Issue of Sacramento Talent Magazine is featuring Paradise, California artist Frank Wilson on it's front cover with an additional two page spread on pages 34 & 35. The magazine said of Franks work; "Our featured cover artist of this month ~ Frank Wilson, is an artist of unmatched skills when it comes to picturizing nature with his brush and canvas." "A talented artist, Frank has transformed his paintings from being his profession to an independent medium of expression."

Frank Wilson Wins 1st Place In Gouache Painting Competition

Paradise, CA - February 16th, 2010

In an international competition of gouache paintings, Frank Wilson's "Alpine Sunset" has won First Place in the Turner Colour Works Painting Contest. Only art that was painted with Turner Designer gouache or Turner Acryl Gouache was eligible. The sponsors of the competition said; "The judging was very difficult given the large number of quality submissions of original artwork using Turner paint. The judges appreciated all of the submissions, however, Frank Wilson's "Alpine Sunset" original gouache painting was their special favorite." In addition to winning first place, Wilson also received an Honorable Mention with his painting "Misty Falls"in the competition. You can see the winning painting along with the second and third place winners and some honorable mentions at: http://www.jerrysartarama.com/Galleries/Turner-Gallery.htm

Lake Tahoe Rocky Cove By Frank Wilson

Paradise, CA - February 6th, 2010

"Lake Tahoe ~ Rocky Cove" is the most recent oil painting to leave the studios of the "Painter Of Dreams"™, Frank Wilson. The original painting measures 36" x 60" and is painted on a 2" deep cradled hardboard panel. The sides are painted black and the painting requires no frame. This painting was a special commission and is one of Wilson's "landscape portraits" of an actual place on the North shore of Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side. Every detail of this spectacular rocky cove has been recorded in this oil painting. Some of these rocks stand 30 feet out of the water! Wilson is available for special commissions of your favorite natural place. Fine art prints in sizes up to 24 x 44 inches are available on fine art papers and a variety of custom canvas options. You may also order 5 x 7 inch customizable greeting cards of this painting. Visit the artist's "Fine Art Prints" website to see your options.

CBS News Features Artist Frank Wilson

Paradise, CA - February 11th, 2009

ART IN THE DARK TV NEWS STORY CLICK HERE This news story aired on January 23, 2009 on CBS's KHSL TV in Chico, California. Click on the link below to see the video. Then click on the "Art In The Dark" video screen in the upper right and make sure your sound is on. ART IN THE DARK TV NEWS STORY CLICK HERE Reported by: Nitin Lal CBS Action News A Paradise artist with stars in his eyes is making his mark all over the world. Frank Wilson uses glowing phosphorus paint to make his astronomically correct art com...

Artist Turns Bedrooms Into Planetariums

Paradise, CA - February 11th, 2009

Paradise, CA Cosmic artist and illusionist, Frank Wilson says; "The search for a unique gift can be exciting and fun, and the Stargazing Ceilings™ that I create makes the process entertaining, and easy! It’s romantic for adults as it provides the perfect ambiance for romance. My star murals are educational for kids and teens who think this is “Way too Cool”! All my customers have reported that it’s so soothing and relaxing. I provide the unique service of creating planetarium quality illusions of the night sky that are invisible during the day or when the lights are on." His work was recently featured on CBS Action News and you can see the newscast by clicking on the link below. ART IN THE DARK TV NEWS STORY CLICK HERE Reported by: Nitin Lal CBS Action News

Artist Captures The Real Glow Of The Aurora Borealis

Paradise, CA - January 3rd, 2009

PARADISE, CALIFORNIA Illusionist, artist, Frank Wilson has captured the shimmering glow of the Northern Lights in an amazing wall mural that actually glows in the dark! The “Northern Lights“, as the Aurora Borealis is commonly called, is one of the most breathtaking and spectacular phenomenon we can see in the night skies. This “Glow in The Dark” mural is not visible on the light, ivory-colored wall that it is painted on when the lights are on. The only way to see Frank Wilson’s illusion art is in total darkness! This “Aurora Borealis” glow mural measures eight feet by eight feet. Artist Frank Wilson can create an amazing ambience in any room of your home or spa, that will be perfect for inviting conversation and even romance. Wilson uses proprietary, high quality phosphors that glow brightly all night long, every night, for decades! His murals will not fade over time. Wilson desi...


Paradise, CA - December 18th, 2008

By Alexandria Page When you turn on the lights, Frank Wilson’s murals disappear before your eyes. You blink your eyes in wonderment as you stare at a blank wall where a moment ago there was a three dimension mural. Turn the lights off so the room is pitch black and his mysterious murals appear! What is behind this contradiction to what seems to defy the laws of physics and light? Frank says it’s all in the pigments he uses to paint his one of a kind murals. The pigment is rare earth phosphors that absorb photon light energy when the lights are on and release the light energy in the dark. Glow in the dark paint is another term for the materials he paints his murals with. But Wilson is quick to point out that these are not ordinary craft store type paints that glow a faint yellow-green for ten minutes and then fade away. Wilson explains that he spends between $2000 to $3000 pe...


Paradise, CA - November 2nd, 2008

A PERFECT MARRIAGE of SCIENCE and ART Paradise, CA By Elizabeth Wheeler Frank Wilson’s Illusion Murals are totally contrary to everything we are accustomed to. You cannot see art in total darkness. You can see art in light. Now turn that around in your mind if you can. That’s right .. Wilson’s wall murals cannot be seen in the light. Think of a light colored wall in your home. Looks completely normal… just an ordinary wall. Now turn off the lights … a beautiful nocturnal mural instantly appears before you on the wall ! Turn the lights back on and the image is gone… just a plain wall! Frank Wilson’s murals glow softly all night long, night after night. He uses only the finest and brightest rare earth phosphors to create his Illusion Murals so they last for decades. The artist invites us to, for a moment, imagine creating a sense of romance and mystery in your home....

Paradise, CA Artist Paints Natural World

Paradise, CA - October 24th, 2008

By DEEANN RESK - The Buzz - Chico Enterprise Record Article Launched: 10/23/2008 12:00:00 AM PDT PARADISE, CA- Paradise muralist, painter, illusionist and sculptor Frank Wilson recently said, "I'm going to need about 15 lifetimes to just scratch the surface of this area as an artist." It's an absolute artistic playground said the Boston native. Wilson, who draws inspiration from the land, enjoys preserving the natural world through his media. "The land is so quickly disappearing," he said. For example, Wilson, who loves drawing the canyons near Butte College, expressed gratitude for painting "Flowering Meadow" an original oil on hardboard before the field was eaten by the summer fires. With eerie foreshadowing, the director of the Doiron Gallery in Sacramento titled Wilson's exhibition, "The California Landscape: A Preservationist's View." "Little did I realize that...

Artist Creates Paintings That Can Only Be Seen In Total Darkness

Paradise, CA - September 20th, 2008

Paradise, California artist Frank Wilson creates his unbelievable wall and ceiling murals in total darkness. He says that is the only way he can see what he's doing. Frank's murals cannot be seen in the light so the artist must work under the only conditions that allow him to see what he is doing in total darkness. “It’s a total reverse of everything that we are used to.” says the artist. “We normally cannot see a painting in the dark but only in the light. My paintings are invisible in the light and can only be seen in the dark!” Wilson says that his murals fit in any home or hotel as they cannot interfere with the rooms décor’. “When you can see the room, you cannot see the mural. When you see the mural in the dark you cannot see the room’s décor!” The secret to Frank’s work is the use of rare earth phosphors that absorb light energy by day and releases that light energy dur...


Paradise, CA - August 9th, 2008

New England transplant finds plenty of artistic inspiration in Paradise. Visit his website: http://FrankWilsonFineArt.com By Alan Sheckter The life canvases of many artists are awash with boldly colored lifestyles, living quarters and wardrobes. But that doesn’t necessarily make them great artists. Paradise painter Frank Wilson, a neatly groomed fellow with a tidy home and nary a spot of paint on his carpeted home studio floor, channels all of his dazzle into his works. And by all reasonable measures, he is a great artist. Wilson, who named Thomas Hill and Maxfield Parrish his greatest influences, is a gifted realist—he’s even a card-carrying member of the International Guild of Realism. His bold colors and sharp lines not only re-create Mother Nature’s dazzling vistas, but also instantly demand attention, and respect, from the viewer. For more than 35 years, the Bost...

Frank Wilson Creates An Amazing Double Illusion Ceiling Mural

Paradise, CA - May 11th, 2008

California artist Frank Wilson recently completed one of his spectacular "double illusion" sky murals in a private residence. It was created in a large dome 33 feet high in the foyer. The dome was painted to look like a beautiful, luminous daytime sky with soft and ethereal clouds that could be seen from most any part of the expansive room below. The home was still under construction and scaffolding and ladders were used to access the high dome. Notice the luminosity of the painted sky in the top portion of the photo. It will be illuminated by recessed lights around the perimeter of the crown moulding. As beautiful as the mural is in the daytime, a truly amazing transformation occurs at night as shown in the bottom portion of the photograph. When the lights are turned off the dome transforms itself into the night sky! Most of the major constellations of the Northern Hemisphere ...