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Garima Srivastava - Fine Artist

About Garima Srivastava

Learn more about Garima Srivastava from Amstelveen, Noord Holland - Netherlands.








I am a humble soul who loves to paint, draw and admire anything creative. My passion for creativity has always nourished my mind and spirit and defined who I am. I love to paint almost everyday sometimes on bigger projects and sometimes just small splashes of watercolours. I love the richness of Acrylic paints and the textures I can create with them.At the same time I simply adore every single stroke of a watercolour brush loaded with bright colours on a pristine white paper. I get inspired by all the nature around me : lush green of trees, bright colours of tulips or the flutter of a silly butterfly, all of these can easily make me feel so impatient till I am able to represent them in some form of art . I often go with my husband on little sample collection walks ,where we go to botanical gardens, parks or even around our own neighbourhood and click lots of pictures and sometimes collect little samples of leaves, flowers ,twigs I can bring home and paint later. I have found my own style in painting, which might seem rebellious and abstract at first sight but I consider it as something that defines how I feel about myself. I have always been the kid who loved to paint outside the guidelines and use crayons so intensely that it ripped the paper. Today when I think of all that and see myself paint I realise that that kid was just experimenting and telling me what I am going to grow up to be, a creative soul. Here I am presenting some of my latest paintings,photographs, sketches and even little entries from my watercolour diary. You can also find me at my Personal website : I would love to hear your thoughts about my work.

Garima Srivastava joined Fine Art America on July 8th, 2014.