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Some new neighbors

April 23rd, 2016

Have a prairie dog town that has moved into the pasture behind the house,  

The Great Grey

January 18th, 2016

slowly driving thru Yellowstone National Park we spotted a Great Grey Owl, after following him for a while he gave us a great shot 

I love the Morning after a rain ! I got up early and just went out in the backyard and found this waiting for me 

Sandhill crane Stacked

January 16th, 2015

I made a trip to Bosque not near as many birds as normal but still enough to keep us busy. I'm always looking for patterns like this one 

My son in law and I made our almost annual trip to Bosque del Apache wildlife refuge near Socorro New Mexico last week, The bird numbers were way down from normal years but we managed to fine enough to keep us busy shooting. On the last morning we ... 

We decided to stay at a campground on the Madison river so I got up early and and went out hoping to find an elk crossing in the early morning steam, just didn't happen after three days we moved on and tried Mammoth area for a few days then headed ba... 

Mt Evans is in Colorado west of Denver and is the highest paved road in the US, you can park your car at 14000+ ft, its one of the best areas to photograph Rocky Mountain Goats, I was lucky enough to be the only one on the mountain one morning well ... 

Many people ask about my camera gear and what I shoot, I have been shooting Nikon almost from the beginning and I had a Nikon D2x and it was a great camera then I thought I needed a D300 so I retired the D2x and I have tried to like the D300, its bet... 

Just came back from Colorado and spent three days shooting Big Horn sheep in the rut, I think it was a little early but we still had action, spent most of our time in Big Thompson canyon looking up at the sheep. Had special company this trip, my son-... 

I left camp before sunup and saw three moose in the sage flats, I had to decide whether to go for them or the landscape sunrise, I chose the landscape thinking I would be back by the time the light was good on the moose, What I missed was a battle ro... 

While I was shooting this shot maybe 6 people walked by looking at us, standing there in the grand scenic Arches national Park shooting puddles of water, I don't think any of them ever saw the reflection, they sure missed a sight ! 

Bald Eagle on the Ox Bow

April 28th, 2011

This bald eagle was building a nest near the Ox Bow in Grand Tetons national Park, we watched it fly in several trips with branches and finally worked our way into position to get a few shots, was a beautiful fall day and a cooperative subject. 

Sometimes you just get Lucky

April 28th, 2011

Sometimes a photo just falls in your lap other times it seems everything is against you, this photo of a buck Antelope was just as simple as being there and resting the camera on a bean bag out the window and getting the shot, one of my current favor...