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Gene Cyr - Artist

Gene Cyr

Learn more about Gene Cyr from Washburn, ME - United States.

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The Photographer
The eclectic works of Gene Cyr are inspired by Maine's rural character where nature is the true artist. His job, as he sees it, is to capture what has been so beautifully layed out before him. Living in the far northern region of Maine inspires him to be a part of this world of living things and the vast outdoors, doing his best to be out in nature every day taking photos, but at the same time trying to have as little impact on our natural resources as possible. Capturing the beauty around him with his camera, but at the same time leaving it exactly as it was so others coming after him can see it as he witnessed it.

Artist Statement
My goal is to show the rest of the world that the state of Maine is one of America's true visual treasures. People know Maine best through scenes of our beautiful coast, but Maine is so much more. For most people northern Maine is a paradise waiting to be experienced, I hope that the experience will be made a little easier through my photos. As a photographer I try to capture what nature so kindly places before me; and do it justice. As a digital artist through photo manipulations, I use my software and imagination and create something slightly different than what nature intended, and hopefully nature doesn't mind.

Gene Cyr joined Fine Art America on January 30th, 2013.