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Gianni Sarcone - Artist

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Think of me as the Architect of Wonder, as the Prince of Serendip...   Think of me as the Creator of immersive and engaging visual experience.   Think of me as the Illusionist who shows the other face of reality.   Now close your eyes and look beyond what seems obvious.   Now forget your eyes and open your mind to new emotions and dimensions.   Now what if...
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Gianni Sarcone Op Artist To Follow

Genoa, GE - March 5th, 2017

Italian artist Gianni Sarcone is one of the leading experts in the field of visual perception. A bit of an outsider in the art world, he regularly contributes brain teasing visual puzzles to newspapers and magazines and creates images that have been used in hypnosis treatments. His work was featured once in a Smithsonian article [ http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/these-patterns-move-but-its-all-an-illusion-1092906/ ] about images that trick our brains into thinking they are moving. His digitally created artworks are mind boggling in their effects, and move Op Art into new territory of illusion and perception.