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Welcome to my gallery!   Born into a family fascinated by the sciences both natural and conventional I was led by a kind and inspirational mother and a visionary father to lean toward the sciences in life.   I have been on an artistic journey from my youth, when first shown the delights of art and clay at GCSE, then after a period of absence found an local adult workshop where I was reintroduced to working in ceramics and also where I made my first venture into making my currently available pottery items.   I was encouraged to enjoy art and its very nature individualism and its challenges to...more
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Collections = 386

Tile Fever Collection

Tile Fever

2048 Images

Kintu and Nambi Collection

Kintu and Nambi

1226 Images

Kintu's Tasks Collection

Kintu's Tasks

186 Images

African Dances Collection

African Dances

620 Images

Collections = 386

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