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Gordon J Weber - Fine Artist

About Gordon J Weber

Learn more about Gordon J Weber from Merrickville, Ontario - Canada.

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In spite of every culture�s ingrained stereotype of the artist as genius, few of us deserve that designation. As an artist I bleed less, sweat less and cry less because of all the blood, sweat and tears shed by the many who have come before me. All artists stand upon the shoulders of those brilliant few who have doggedly blazed the trails we now walk upon in comfort.

Art is a legacy beside which we measure our lives. Those, whose gift to us was their genius, lit their torches from fires past; these amassing flares warm the souls of every generation that gathers around the glow of their creativity, enlightening and illuminating their path from past to future.

My artistic character, and we all possess that, is simply one of developing my skills to satisfactorily share my observations of natural contrasts. If I possess any marked aptitude, it is not intellectual in nature, it is emotional in nature. I love life.

Look with me, then take away what you will.

Gordon J Weber joined Fine Art America on December 15th, 2014.