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Greg Wickenburg - Artist

About Greg Wickenburg

Learn more about Greg Wickenburg from Chandler, AZ - United States.

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Just a tip when ordering a Print. After selecting Print, on the right side, you can select Size, Frame, Mat, Paper, Finih. Right under that, your options are... Natural, Vertical, Horizontal, Square. Try selecting Vertical or Horizontal. You get standard size options. Thank You So Much.

Hello, Thank You for looking at my photographs. I am a C/5 quadriplegic. I've always loved photograph and tried to get involved in the 90s. I just couldn't get a setup I could use. I am paralyzed from the shoulders down and I can not use my fingers or hands. The new Digital Cameras, with rotating view screens, wi-fi, phone apps, etc. I finely have a setup that works for me. I still have troubles shooting moving subjects so I've been doing mostly things like In Camera, Double Exposures. Often of my Service Dog, Roo. No computer editing, all double exposures are done in camera only. I do have an option to use the same background photo again. We recently started a Gofundme to help raise funds for a Wheelchair Accessible Van. Many people suggested trying to sell some of my photographs to put towards the Van. I've been getting lots of complements, so I hope you enjoy them.
Thank You So Much, Greg and Roo

I thought I’d share this. I am paralyzed from the shoulders down, I can’t use my hands. I’ve been doing some photography. I do a lot of double exposures, I do them all in-camera, no computer. I love Wildlife, but it’s hard to get close in a power wheelchair. I entered a few of my regular wildlife photos in the Chandler, AZ Nature Photo Contest. I got lucky and got 3 category awards. 1st, 1st, 3rd, And Overall #1 People Choice. It’s a small contest, but it was fun. The news actually came to my house to interviewed me. This is the video… A bit embarrassing, but fun...

My GoFundMe for Wheelchair Accessible Van: gofundme.com/qe6wk5jg

You can read some magazine articles on my work at this link: https://www.gregwickenburg.com/media.html

Greg Wickenburg joined Fine Art America on November 30th, 2016.