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Guruji Aruneshvar Paris Art Curator Katrin Suter - Artist

About Guruji Aruneshvar Paris Art Curator Katrin Suter

Learn more about Guruji Aruneshvar Paris Art Curator Katrin Suter from Seuzach, Zurich - Switzerland.

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Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar

Trained by 21 Masters, the multidimensional and multi-talented Master and spiritual artist genuinely expresses his soul in both, the world of Spirituality and Creativity. On his journey in Himalaya and his self search, the spiritual Artist & Shiva Dhyan Yoga Master began to decipher the language of his soul on canvas and share his visions and his knowledge through the art for the heart and the symbology of Shiva.
Shiva Guruji is a spiritual artist, Master from Himalaya, Vedic Soul Astrologer, Soul guide, Shiva Dhyan Yoga & Shiva Sutra Master.

Resume of the Artist, Filmproducer & Creative Director
First Class G.D. Art, Painting, J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, India (1972-1978)
Producer at the eminent 'Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay', Mumbai, India (1988-2016)

Art Exhibitions

11 art exhibitions with Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation workshops in Switzerland and Paris and over 25 international art exhibition Shiva Guruji has held during the past 30 years. Recent interviews were given at the Swiss TV channel Schweiz5/TimeToDo & French TV channel.


Events & Press
Switzerland 2017:
· TV Interview, Swiss TV TimeToDo & Schweiz5
· Shiva Dhyan Yoga Conference, Workshop & Spiritualism Exhibition, Lebenskraft congress event, Zurich
· Articles: ZüriTipp (March), GlücksPost (March), GlücksPost (July)
France :
· TV Interview IDF France
· Shiva Spiritualism Art Exhibition, Yoga School Suresnes, Paris
· Spiritualism Art Exhibition, Salon Zen, Paris
· Article: Journal du Yoga, Le Shiva Dhyan Yoga (January)

Switzerland 2016:
· Shiva Spiritualism Art Exhibition & Shiva Dhyan Yoga Workshops, Gallery Keller, Zurich
· Shiva Spiritualism Art Exhibition, Lebenskraft Annual Congress Event, Zurich
· Article: Yoga Magazin Schweiz – yoga magazine Switzerland (October)

France 2016:
· Spiritualism Art Exhibition & Shiva Dhyan Yoga Workshops under the High patronage of the Indian Embassy in Paris, Center for French-Indian cultural relations in Paris & Art Gallery Miliano in Evreux
· Spiritualism Art Exhibition, Editions Shastri, Paris
· Spring Salon, Shiva Spiritualism Art Exhibition, Art Gallery Thuillier, Paris
· Article: La dépêche (2.9.2016), La dépêche (16.9.2016)

Switzerland 2015:
· 3 Spiritualism Art Exhibitions (Bremgarten, Bern, Horgen)

More Information:
Youtube: Shiva Guruji Arunshvar

Guruji Aruneshvar Paris Art Curator Katrin Suter joined Fine Art America on December 8th, 2017.