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Hans Wiesman - Artist

Hans Wiesman

Learn more about Hans Wiesman from The Hague, Zuid-Holland - Netherlands.

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Hans Wiesman (author of 2 books and blogs 'The Dakota Hunter' & '80 Years, a tribute to the PBY Catalina') traces his profound passion for the DC-3/Dakota and the PBY Catalina back to the age of five. Between the years 1950-1957, he lived in the Borneo Jungle and he flew in both aircraft with his father, a Shell oil exploration engineer.
Hans' love affair with these aircraft has never faded and later in his career, being a Creative Executive for an International Brand, he met both aircraft again. Around the PBY Catalina, he created a TV documentary series with that legendary aircraft as being the image-carrier. It brought him another 250+ flight hours with the PBY and a wealth of unique experiences and photographs on his double Transamerican tours.

With only a few PBY Cansos/Catalinas now left in airworthy condition, the saga told and depicted in this photo album (with over 400 pictures) is his heartfelt personal and colorful tribute to this iconic aircraft. A selection of the very best photos and illustrations of the Catalina is now offered in Print, as Wall Art offered via Fine Art America. For more information and photos, see www.dc3dakotahunter.com/ www.catalinabook.com

Hans Wiesman joined Fine Art America on August 22nd, 2016.