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Heather Calderon - Fine Artist

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Skeleton Garden Grows In Hollywood

Hollywood, FL - January 14th, 2017

In the paintings of Heather Calderon, skeletons teach math in antiquated classrooms, their gumless mouths puckered around pointed teeth. The bony characters are also wily schoolchildren who toss paper airplanes while the teacher's back is turned, or wear dunce caps in the time-out corner when they're caught. Calderon's skeletons are busy dentists with square, low-rimmed eyeglasses in bright examination rooms, gripping their skeletal patient's canines with antique tweezers. Her skeletons even become Frida Kahlo when Calderon wants to make associations with the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, or Napoleon Dynamite eating quesadillas when Calderon wants to be cheeky. And if you meet the Coral Springs painter, expect her to imagine what you'd look like as a skeleton. "I can't get the skeletons out of my head," Calderon says during a recent tour of "Skeleton Garden," her solo show openi...

Arts Preview The Season In Broward Art

Hollywood, FL - October 25th, 2013

Gallery 2014, Hollywood Skeletons in the Closets: Day of the Dead is a fitting title for Heather Calderón’s solo debut of her skeletons at nonprofit organization Gallery 2014. “After adding a small skeleton to my early paintings here or there, perched on a gate in a corner of a painting, it just felt complete,” the artist notes. “I slowly evolved into making them the centerpiece of my work. ... I paint my skeletons in very vibrant colors, doing everyday activities from eating and drinking to dancing, expressing human emotions which is also indicative of ‘Day of the Dead’ art.” Calderón loves that her skeletons, which include parents, sisters, brothers, dog lovers, chefs, doctors and artists such as Frida Kahlo, are something to which people can relate. “We all look like that underneath,” she says, “and I strive to connect and relate to people through my art.” Her exhibition...

HCalderon Clothing

Hollywood, FL - May 31st, 2012

For anyone interested on purchasing t-shirts or other clothing and household items with my artwork on it, please visit the link above to my cafe press shop. I've been slowly uploading images to items and have purchased a few myself. I've had this request many times, so here it is! If you don't see your favorite image on a specific item that you would like, just email me and I can customize it for you. There's some pretty cool stuff on here. Thanks for looking!!

Day Of The Dead Art Documentary To Be Filmed.

Hollywood, FL - May 1st, 2012

I've been asked to participate in a documentary called, 'Day of the Dead Art in America'. I am one of several artists to be featured in this film by Kamio Media Company. For now, here is the promo piece to be approved for funding to begin filming for this documentary. If it goes through, I will be interviewed by the film crew in my house here in Hollywood, Florida. Very exciting!! Fingers are crossed that this is approved!! (my work is featured at the end of this clip).