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I welcome licensing opportunities.   Please send me a message.   See me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hlgboutique.   Let me introduce myself.   One early childhood memory is standing in the brook on the other side of our lane way.   This brook was really a stream, not very deep but deep enough in the spring to be of danger to a little person like me.   Yes, I was a little.   Many years ago.   The brook was spring fed as was all the water on our farm.   My dad would boast that his water was the...more
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We will work on techniques: palette knife, credit card, and fan brush. We will start with a wash. Landscape. 

www.etsy.com/ca/shop/HLGBoutique Selling digital downloads for $5.00. Landscapes and florals. 

Investing in Picasso

February 22nd, 2015

Buying art can be scary business. Really? I ask. We buy houses, cars, boats, furniture, university education for our kids, but when it comes to purchasing art for our homes, suddenly we find ourselves in uncharted waters. Buying art means an ... 

10K Hours

February 17th, 2015

Baking cookies makes me very anxious. It is not easy for me. I have a 10K Hour Rule. It is a rule that I use to explain my experience. I have not baked cookies for 10K hours. If I had, I would be Christie’s competition (the cookie company, not ... 

This is an image of a watercolour painting on hot press paper, which I will discuss, topic only, no demo. We will carry on with some techniques which will be a review to some people, first time for others. Plan to continue with your paintings. I will... 

Bring your resource material for a painting so that I can help you create your composition. I will show you how to paint with the brush, few technique applications. You will be sitting and watching, asking questions, and absorbing visually. 

Please bring resource material: photographs, pictures from magazines (acceptable). Do not bring greeting cards or images of paintings. You may use these as ideas but not to copy. Snow will be the topic we will cover. Salt will be a technique we w... 

Let's paint a landscape. Be fully prepared with your tools. Top up your burnt sienna. Make sure you always bring your resource material. Did you receive 300 lb. paper for Christmas? Bring it if you did. If not, 140 will do.  

I could not resist painting this lovely house. It is old, still beautiful and charming...