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Helen White - Artist

About Helen White

Learn more about Helen White from Reading - United Kingdom.

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My primary website is www.helenwhite.org.

Self-taught in the use of oils, the paints found me when they fell out of a cupboard in 2006 and using them came naturally from the start. Within two years, I was invited to display my work in a prestigious gallery and so began a full-time art career. I live in Berkshire and draw a great deal of my inspiration from walks around Berks, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

My multi-award winning paintings have now been exhibited in galleries across the UK and abroad, plus many group exhibitions, art trails and charity events. They are held in private collections internationally and they hang in a handful of public places associated with health and wellbeing due to the calm, healing energy they are found to contain. Themes include the return of the sacred feminine, exploring the meeting point where the physical dissolves into non-physical (spiritual) and the very-necessary interplay between darkness and light; the yin and the yang made manifest in the natural world. Painting light is my great passion; that is, I strive to capture those unforgettable moments of radiance that are as transformative as they are fleeting, staying with us as the quantum healing and brand new perspectives that alter how we experience life. For more about what inspires me, I invite you to dip into my art blog www.lightonart.org.

Over the last two years, I have been the proud recipient of four American Art Awards (amongst other accolades). My autobiographical account of how art transformed my health - and my life - has been published in a best-selling series of short stories, with more art-related publication plans in the pipeline and three well-subscribed blogs to my name.

For as long as I can remember, I have had synaesthesia (a phenomenon that mixes up and exchanges sensory information between the five common sense groups); something which, quite literally, colours how I experience the world. I also 'feel' energetic subtleties and interpret them viscerally which helps me to translate what I feel emotionally into something visual. Painting is a meditative practice that has helped me to recover from serious chronic illness and utterly transformed my reality. My artworks have as much to tell me as I have to impart to them; taking me on metaphysical journeys that lead to greater understanding of how to more joyfully navigate life in general.

In addition to my main website, a curated gallery of my most recent work and details of forthcoming events can be seen at wwwpaintinglight.org. My original artworks can be purchase on Artfinder.

Helen White joined Fine Art America on November 22nd, 2013.