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Hew Wilson - Artist

About Hew Wilson

Learn more about Hew Wilson from USA - United States.

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'Wilson' style is incoherent and it is neither contrived nor learned.' David Hickey, American Art Critic.

Have a conversation and never walk away thinking, 'Oh, that's nice.'

Hew Wilson's passion for art could be blamed on the summer art & craft classes she attended in the early 70's. Ideas are generated from her travels along with old family photos. As a result, her artwork has found its way across the world in private collections, exhibits and galleries. Her unique signature method involves simplifying the figurative structures then combining an original process of layering using various painting techniques as finger painting, spray painting and traditional brushwork. The final step is adding words in partnership with the piece to achieve an emotional connection and instill a conversation of thoughts for the audience. In her spare time, Hew enjoys hanging out with her family, soaking up the sun, eating popcorn, riding her bike and listening to her favorite albums on her record player.

You can discover more about Hew Wilson at https://linktr.ee/hewwilsonart.

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Hew Wilson joined Fine Art America on August 10th, 2016.