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Hidden Mountain - Artist

About Hidden Mountain

Learn more about Hidden Mountain from Huntington, WV - United States.

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These paintings are tools for the witnessing of the WORD of YHWH. They are created with prayer and divine inspiration. Many of the them depict visions and ideas that may seem unique. Opening doorways to new revelations on the ancient perfect and complete teachings of truth found in the scriptures . The Hebrew names are preferred and many of the paintings include hand calligraphy of the ancient and modern Hebrew. Most of them are the results of visions and dreams and were given to me whole and complete, yet took me years to paint.I have kept the prices at a minimum so they are affordable, there are mark-up prices included in the prices you see that depend on how much it costs to print and send. Blessings to all who follow THE LAMB of YHWH ~ Messiah YHSHWH ,King of the Universe , Meleck Va HaOlam . Praise, honor and glory be to YHWH~YHSHWH only halleluYAH !!!

Hidden Mountain joined Fine Art America on April 7th, 2013.