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In life we have those moments that we look back on and realize they are part of defining who we are today.   One such moment for Holly was when she declared that instead of continuing as an accountant, interior designer, property manager, or realtor she would pursue her passion as a fine artist.   WOW....talk about the 'road- with- caution- traveled'!   Determined to conquer this mysterious calling she added years of studies with several master artists to her education from formal academics.   Representationalist, impressionist, colorist, expressionist are a few of the 'ist' terms...more
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Abstract Mixed Media Expressive and Experimental

These paintings are competing for a label and so I have included these four descriptions. Some paintings will be somewhat recognizable as in semi-abstract but others will be an expression of my reaction to something and then the term mixed media applies when I add other materials in addition to paint. They can all be labeled as experimental since the journey to create is indeed an experiment!

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