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I used my dad's camera occasionally, miniature negatives in a Minolta pocket camera, from 1968 or so. In 1984 I bought my own Olympus OM4, which I still have but never use. In 2000 I bought a Nikon Coolpix 990 with a whopping 3.4 megapixel sensor. The instant darkroom processing in daylight outweighed even 'one hour' processing of 35 mm film - and the cost of the digital photographs is negligible compared to chemical processing. There's still chemical processing when printing a photograph, but one can chose which to print and not waste resources printing mediocre material. In May 2004 I used a Nikon D70 until in December 2008 I photographed using a D90. This lasted until I bought a D7100 at a reasonable price since the D7200 was just out. The D7100 with a couple of lenses is my current camera. Perhaps my next camera will be a 'full frame'. And don't get me started on why some smartypants called the DX sensor a crop rather than a zoom. The sensor has not lost information, it is focusing closer into a subset of the lens image. When I use x170 magnification with my astronomical telescope, I don't say that I am 'cropping the sky' by 170 times linearly, rather I am zooming in to Jupiter and the sky with a telescope. Certainly, the sky has lots more, but I am choosing to look at a little part of it in detail, zooming in 170 times linearly. The 'superior' FX camera sensor itself is cropping the information from the circular image produced by the lens. We never hear about that 'crop factor', dumping information from the lens.

Ian Stirling joined Fine Art America on September 17th, 2010.