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Irene Dominguez - Artist

About Irene Dominguez

Learn more about Irene Dominguez from Trondheim - Norway.

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I am Irene D.M. aka Namtaru and I was born in Spain in 1984. Always had a special interest in graphic arts and music, uising the inspiration and mixing both of them in my art.

I studied the artistic bachelor degree and developed a big interest for photography when she was 18. Following that interest, I joined in the Art School of Seville to became Superior Technic in Artistic Photography two years after. During these years I started to network with metal bands for commission artwork and live photography. Before finishing the degree I practised as a live reporter for Estadio Deportivo, a spanish sport journal, in which my images were published from covers to central pages and back covers.

In 2005 I moved to Barcelona where I,m now finishing an Illustration superior degree in the Art School 'Illa' in Sabadell, and become Superior Technic in that category. At the end of the same year, I started to work as collaborator for Friedhof Online Magazine (Spain), working as live photographer, live reviews and band interviews - and also helping with the webzine design.

Actually, in 2008, I presented my finaly project for the Illustration superior degree, getting a 9,8 over 10. This project is about work and life of the north-american cinema director David Lynch.

After that, I changed my residence to Norway at the beginning of February, where I am still working as freelance, preparing new art projects and looking for a new studio. Since october 2009 I had my first paintings ever hanging on the walls of the Modern Art Gallery of Trondheim, where they still are.

Irene aka Namtaru

Equipment for Photography:
Nikon D200 Reflex Digital, Nikkor 28-100mm AF, Nikon AF 18-70mm, Nikon AG 70-300mm, Nikkor AF 18-150mm, Nikon Flash SB800, Canon EOS300 Reflex, Canon AF 28-90mm, Cullman tripod 2800, B+W filters, Hoya filters, Special Effect filers, Cokin A Serie filters, Developer Meopta 4.5 for b/w, Kodak developer/fixer, Ilford paper RC and varitade.

For drawings I use graphite pencils, watercolors, watercolor pencils, rough pastel crayons, charcoal, gouaches, oil colors, grattage, handmade textures and others.
I,ve also been working with bodypainting and some make up for her photo sessions.

Irene Dominguez joined Fine Art America on July 30th, 2009.