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Jacob Jugashvili - Fine Artist

About Jacob Jugashvili

Learn more about Jacob Jugashvili from Tbilisi - Georgia.








Jacob Jugashvili /Яков Джугашвили/იაკობ ჯუღაშვილი/ (the surname may also be spelled Djugashvili or Dzhugashvili in English). Born July 14th 1972 in Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR. Jacob comes from a very well known family: he is the great-grandson of Joseph Jugashvili, better known as Joseph Stalin. Jacob is actively involved in public and political life. His views on history and modern politics are usually the subject of hard public discussions and even severe criticism by Russian and Georgian high-rank politicians or other establishment representatives. Jacob completed his secondary education in Moscow and thereafter studied at Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts from 1992-1994. In 1997 he graduated from the Glasgow School of Art (Painting and Drawing) with a BA. Between 1997 and 2000 Jacob showed at various London venues: the Boundary Gallery, Lamont Gallery, Royal College of Art, London Art Fair, Georgia 2000 exhibition at Cork streets Gallery 27. In 1999 his works were shown at Batumi Art Museum (Batumi, Georgia). From 2000-2005 Jacob did almost no painting, working instead in IT business. On October 2005 he accompanied his father, a military historian and retired colonel of the Soviet Army, Yevgeni Jugashvili, to a conference in the Netherlands ‘Yalta and Beyond’ (organized by the Maastricht University and Assamblee BV) to mark 60th Anniversary of the Yalta Summit in 1945. This event was also attended by the grandsons of the two other Allied leaders Winston Churchill and Franklin D.Roosevelt. From the interview with Jacob Jugashvili: '...QUESTION: A long interval spent in IT industry before you came back to art. How was the experience? ANSWER: Probably it may strike strange, but thanks to my days in the management of a small company, my understanding of the word 'creativity' became much deeper. The matter is that creativity is an ability to accept non-standard, sometimes, the most unexpected decisions for achievement of goals. QUESTION: Do you think that paintings/ art should be political? ANSWER: By means of modern technology it is easy to manufacture images, paintings, art of any complexity and sizes, and use it for propaganda purposes, be political ones or other. Therefore painting must not “compete” with the technologies. The value of painting today consists in the fact that it is made by man, and man, as is known, characteristically make mistakes. Specifically, the skill of man, artist, to manage his errors in the process of his work, finding for this the most unexpected solutions which is not capable by a computer or technology, makes painting interesting and therefore, valuable. In the painting it is the most important thing. The more he fights with his errors and weaknesses, the more interesting and creative his work would become and stronger the effect of his work shall be on the world, on the imagination of the people. And this inevitably would lead to the generation of new ideas and thus influence and change people....' Full interview can be read here More materials can be viewed here

Jacob Jugashvili joined Fine Art America on February 27th, 2015.