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J W Kelly - Artist

About J W Kelly

Learn more about J W Kelly from Crawford, NE - United States.

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Thanks for taking time to view my art, it's appreciated. J.W.Kelly is the moniker that appears on my paintings, art and studio, my full name is James Walter Kelly, Jr. For more info concerning my art concepts, click on my blogs.
The paintings and artwork I create expresses a variety of styles.I have learned and enjoyed many concepts and approaches to art over the years and it is reflected in the paintings.
Art is a process to create images which can be drawn upon from within or without oneself. That is the world around us we see with our eyes and the inner visions we see in our dreams, thoughts and our mind's eye.
Traditional subjects for painting require keen observation,academic skill and good knowledge of the subject. When doing this work, I plan ahead,sketch ideas,research and design the painting. Traditional subjects I find inspiring are: Nature, Wildlife,Western themes,Native Americans and Historical figures & events.
I also produce contemporary paintings and 20th Century Modern Art which may be spontaneous or unpremeditated, I enjoy Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism,Cubism and some Surrealism. This type of art embraces metaphysical or transcendent thought and is not primarily concerned with literal or lifelike images. Many people lump all these styles together and call it Abstract. A term coined by the New York art critic Robert Coates in 1946 that seems to have endured.
I prefer the term, 'Non Representational'.
Art Experimentation with paint is something I have enjoyed since the beginning. Experimenting brings action, excitement and new interest to the work. It can bring about new approaches,applications and techniques. I like to see accidents in paint as well as happenstance occurrences which appear on the canvas, unplanned yet existing harmoniously within the composition.
Art and life are one in the same. Art for many of us is a lifelong journey into self discovery. As for me art is a lifestyle and not just a vocation,hobby or the act of rendering pictures. Art and human life experiences go hand in hand. Abstract art can also be a form of divination. It can unconsciously bring about or awaken spiritual aspects of ascended concepts waiting to be discovered by the artist and the viewer. Even though the image expressed is nonrepresentational without recognizable forms or objects.
J. W. Kelly began serious art endeavors after graduating from the Center for Creative Studies (Detroit,MI) in 1969 earning a Bachelor of Fine Art degree and a senior year scholarship. J.W. has exhibited and sold paintings in galleries and shows in Detroit and Royal Oak, MI. ,Denver, Manitou Springs and Woodland Park, CO.,venues in Nebraska and others. J.W. taught acrylic painting classes at the Denver Art Workshop, conducted private sessions as well as instructing a 3 day acrylic painting seminar for ANAC in Alliance, NE. He has also been selected to jury and judge art shows. J.W. exhibited a One Man show containing traditional and contemporary original works at the Carnegie Arts Center, Alliance, NE from Oct. 2013 through Jan. 2014. Presently J.W. is exhibiting a large number of original works, paintings and prints at the NEW White River Gallery in Crawford, NE. J.W. currently lives in the northwestern Nebraska panhandle in historic Crawford. For further info, instruction, commissions, demonstrations or consulting contact: jwkelly15@gmail.com or phone (308) 665-1428

J W Kelly joined Fine Art America on October 19th, 2009.