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Jason Penland - Artist

About Jason Penland

Learn more about Jason Penland from Burnsville, NC - United States.

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Photography has been a part of our lives since the middle of the 19th century. Today, there are thousands of photographers who offer their services on the web in terms of taking photographs to offering their works as stock photos and the like.

What separates most photographers is not just the equipment that they use, but their own experiences when it comes to taking pictures that capture people’s attention. From portraits to weddings to stunning scenic vistas, the skills of a photographer showcase their ability to capture the reality and turn it into a work of art.

Jason has dedicated his career to taking great photographs and over the years has built up an impressive portfolio of many different types of works.

What is Jason Penland Photography?

Jason Penland is a published and versatile photographer who carries with him a broad range of skills that make his work unique. From beautiful scenic photographs to capturing that special moment at weddings, graduations and other events, Jason applies his skills, knowledge, experience, work ethic and artistic ability into each of his photographs.

Located in Western North Carolina, Jason naturally specializes in landscape photography given the sheer beauty of the region. The Smoky Mountains National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway and other scenic areas are the focal point of his efforts which in turn create marvelous prints that can be used as wallpaper, website photos or even hanging prints.

Yet Jason’s skills are not limited to just scenic photography as he brings a wide array of talents and experience to what he does on a daily basis.

Wildlife: Capturing beautiful scenic views is one thing as you have the time to set the shot. However, photographing wildlife is quite another as many different creatures that populate Western North Carolina are not apt to just sit down and have their picture taken.

Jason has developed the skills over the years in tracking and locating and taking extraordinary photographs of all types of wildlife that surround his community. You can see the composition in his works that capture the many different birds and animals that live in this region of the country which make for a wonderful collection for your needs.

Portraits: For the high school yearbook, family portraits or special occasions, the art of creating a good portrait lies in working with a photographer who has years of experience when it comes to taking photographs of beautiful faces. John offers his services to those who want to have their portraits taken for all types of needs.

Weddings: The memories that weddings provide last a lifetime and capturing those special moments are what Jason Penland Photography is all about. He offers his services as the complete wedding photographer who works with his clients to ensure that they get the best photographs of the event as well as the portraits and candid shots that capture the memories that can be shared.

Graduation Events & More: Graduation is another special time of the year where the accomplishment of years of work can be captured in that single moment of receiving a diploma along with standing with the family to remember the achievement. Jason has years of experience in capturing the right moment during graduation as well as other types of ceremonies and events.

As a photographer, Jason has demonstrated his skills at many different types of events and functions along with working with others to get exactly what they want. For those in the Western North Carolina area who are searching for a skilled photographer, Jason Penland will work to fulfill your needs.

What Makes Jason Penland Photography Unique

There are several reasons why Jason has set himself apart from many of his fellow photographers by being skilled in different areas while focusing his efforts on his true love, landscape photography. Once you view some of Jason’s work when it comes to capturing the essence of the many wondrous landscapes that surround his home, you’ll begin to understand why so many have purchased his works and hired him for his skills.

Capturing the perfect landscape photograph takes more than just driving up to a location and snapping pictures, the right setting has to be found with the perfect light. Jason spends a great deal of time scouting locations that truly reveal themselves during the early morning or early evening hours. The scouting also includes watching for weather patterns that indicate whether a front is coming in or moving away that might alter the light at the scene as well as create a more interesting sky for the final shot.

Finding the leading lines that help viewers get into the landscapes is also a very important consideration. The best types of landscape photography is more than just a beautiful view, it is how the person who sees the picture is drawn into the photograph itself through the use of leading lines. It is finding the right combination of events and composition that helps Jason create beautiful photographs of the countryside.

The final editing process is also a lengthy one as well as Jason does all the work to create the right color scheme and framing to show off the best qualities of his work. The final result is one that really captures the moment while pulling in the viewer to really appreciate the beauty of the scene.

Jason Penland Photography represents years of experience in many different areas of this art form. Jason has built a strong reputation working with clients in many different fields as well as creating some of the most breathtaking landscape photographs in the Western North Carolina area. The photographs that are on display can be purchased through the website.

You can contact Jason if you need to have an experienced photographer for your wedding, graduation, or the many different events where having a skilled, professional photographer on hand will capture the moment and turn memories into something that can be shared with others. Jason Penland Photography is here to serve you by bringing his professional photography equipment, skills and passion to do the best work possible.

Jason Penland joined Fine Art America on April 15th, 2013.