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Jason Sponseller - Artist

About Jason Sponseller

Learn more about Jason Sponseller from Orlando, FL - United States.

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I am a traveling photographer who seeks out the beauty and peace in the landscapes that makes this such an amazing world of opportunities.There are so many different types of photography but there's just something about getting out in the world and experiencing the structural vastness of landscapes and rock formation, not to mention nature. Only God knows why we, as humans, respond specifically to various landscapes in the way that we do. It's amazing the sense of peace and calmness that is created just by being in the presence of magnificent and beautiful scenery. Whether it's being on the beach during sunrise or viewing the sunset as it lowers just beyond the Grand Canyon, we feel different....we feel alive. What makes that moment any different than the rest?

We all have our own escape and mine just so happens to be photography. Enjoying the little things in life and documenting those moments as they happen has been a commitment to humanity I guess, if you want to put it into words. Recognizing that we all have something great that we can offer the world. True wealth lies within each and everyone of us, the gifts, the power that we have been given as humans. The human spirit is extremely powerful and we have the ability to manifest our greatness through the strength of God alone.

What can I say, I love photography. Photography, in all the broadness that it creates, is my go to. There's so much to photography than just taking snap shots; it's a mentality; its perspective, developed through years of living in an environment that built the characteristics in me to be the best I can be, to cherish the little things in life and make the most out of those things. I am truly blessed to have grown up in a small town in Bristolville, Ohio, to have the family and friends that I do have, to go through some of life's struggles, to love and to lose, to experience the processes of pain and growth. Having such an amazing family and group of friends has given me the perspective to view life the way it should be viewed, in time-not things, in moments. I have truly been blessed. Follow me as I travel throughout the beautiful United States and other parts of the world as I document my travels through pictures and imagery.

Jason Sponseller joined Fine Art America on August 10th, 2016.