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Jeremy Edsall - Artist

About Jeremy Edsall

Learn more about Jeremy Edsall from Virginia Beach, VA - United States.

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Creating is one of my passions

I love the process of creating something new. For any artist, the focused concentration and movement involved in the process is almost a meditation. Being in the creative moment is peaceful and satisfying beyond words. For some creatives, like dancers, the process is one in which a feeling or emotion gets translated into movement. I create from the picture in my head, bringing it from conceptual to something tangible through the use of my hands and tools. A nearly unrelenting urge develops to get the vision out of my mind's eye and in front of my physical eyes. Once completed, there is that satisfaction of having created something new, something of intrinsic but deep value. Artists are often the only ones who understand the real importance of their work.

I believe that we will experience a new golden age of creativity in the decades to come. As more and more routine and mentally exhaustive tasks become automated and able to be processed rapidly by computers, millions of people will have their creativity set free. Minds that toiled over numbers and data will be able to explore and open up the creative centers of their brains. No machine will be able to conceive of art and then bring it to light; only people have that ability.

I hope you will enjoy looking at some of the things I've created. For additional information visit www.haycrosshollow.com

Jeremy Edsall joined Fine Art America on February 13th, 2020.