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Jon Volden - Artist

About Jon Volden

Learn more about Jon Volden from Bremerton, WA - United States.

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Thank you for visiting my ever growing gallery. It is a work in progress, but as it is, it is probably one of the largest collections of fantasy science fiction artwork, by one artist, to be found on the web. (Dozens of new images are being added each week.)

Science Fiction and Fantasy is a passion of mine. I am expressing it through photography and digital art these days. (I used to do sculptures, painting and Prisma-color pencil drawings, but due to the disabilities I had after leaving the service, I found I could no longer do things that way any more. (I have nerve damage that affects my eye-hand coordination.)

So I have learned to use a camera to sketch my models, and use a computer screen for my canvas, and a mouse for a paintbrush and/or pencil! (With the ever present undo option - just in case my hand jerks when painting important details.)

I post my images in this gallery not to make money, but to simply display and organize my work. If someone wants to buy something they are welcome to do so. Art is only meaningful if it is seen, and if someone sees and appreciate my images then my work is done.

My work to date is comprised of Pure Photographs, (Full Color, B&W and Infra Red) Digitally Enhance Images (Special effects added to Photographs to make them look abstract, surreal or impressionistic.) and Modified Photographs (Digitally added or alter backgrounds, and/or subject modifications.) It should be noted that awhile digitally added, they are usually of my own creation, I often use XP MS Paint to draw in details, create unusual backgrounds, and add body outfits. So awhile digitally created, the computer is not doing all the drawing for me, as often as not, I do it all on my own.

My models, like all models since the dawn of time, inspire me as an artist, they are my muses and bring their own energy and talents to many of my images. So unlike full CGI stuff, my work is touched by more then one soul, and is some cases several souls. I think this collaboration adds to the variety and perhaps special quality of the images I produce - since each model has his/her own sense of style, that is as often as not is reflected in the final image I ultimately produce.

The results of my efforts are as you see them in my gallery, please take a moment to look them over, and let me know what you like, or don’t like. Many of my models and myself, visit the gallery often, and appreciate any comments, questions or suggestions you might have.

Jon Volden joined Fine Art America on December 16th, 2014.