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About Jonathan 'DiNo' DiNapoli

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my I is a self taught Artist. I have come to create Art because I cannot imagine not doing it. My desire to spread positive enlightening interconnected imagery to the people of this world is unyielding. Like Music, I believe visual Art can affect the viewer as powerfully as the Artist himself. I create Art that I can learn from based on the knowledge that whatever I produce in the end will be a product of my conscious thinking and my subconscious mysteries. The thrill of discovering an unintentional connection within a drawing makes me feel divine. As if there is always so much more to my surroundings than my 30 years of sight can find. It has opened a world of magic for me and makes every instant of my life a joy beyond anything i can imagine. I owe all this to Art and the Creative process. I search the Universe for subject matter that I feel needs to be illuminated, and dedicate weeks, months and years to it in creative artistic meditation. This is why I value my original drawings so intensely. They capture a time period for me, where i was in life, what i knew at the time, what the beings surrounded me taught me during that time, and still provide the ability to have their meanings strengthen and increase over time. I can look at Spiraea, the spinning mandala below which i completed in 2005, and find even more relevance today than in the past. These drawings are alive. They are beyond dimension and explanation and shed light on some of the mysteries within and around us. They are personal to me, and just as personal to you the viewer. They are pure in intention and are dedicated to the creative wellspring of this universe. I do not own them, the world does. I am their creator and i simply want them to be seen and experienced by the people of this world. Please help to spread my Arts to whomever you feel would appreciate and enjoy them. They are designed to be appropriate for all ages throughout all times. In dedication to the beauty of this life and world. ‘dino’

Jonathan 'DiNo' DiNapoli joined Fine Art America on October 29th, 2012.