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Joni McPherson is an oil painting artist known internationally for her beautiful paintings of a wide variety of subjects, including portraits, landscapes, seascapes, florals and much more.   She was born in New York State and moved to California in 1962.   She is married and lives and paints in Valley Springs, California.   From the time she was a child, growing up in rural New York, she has had a keen interest in art and passed the time sketching the things around her.   She started out as a self-taught artist,and now, after years of practice and study under internationally known...more
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Joni McPhersons September 11th Selected For Classroom Analysis

Valley Springs, CA - August 30th, 2010

FAA Artist Joni McPherson was honored recently by the selection of her painting, "September 11th", to be analyzed in 3 high school classes. She was surprised, and touched to learn that much of the students' interpretation of the symbolism was very much what she had in mind when she created the painting shortly after the tragic event. Joni received an email from the instructor, via FAA, asking her about the symbolism of the paintings. Joni felt honored that her painting had been selected by the class and immediately donated a full size print of the painting to the class, enough cards of the painting so that each of the 80 plus students could have their own copy and prints of her other works, "Best Friends" and "Morning Glory." The students want to analyze Joni's Painting "Peace" and "Best Friends" in an upcoming class.

New Painting

Valley Springs, CA - August 30th, 2010

I have recently posted a new painting on Fine Art America. This was inspired by an old photograph(I'm not saying how old) of my sister and me, all dressed up with somewhere to go!

New Painting

Valley Springs, CA - June 18th, 2010

Joni McPherson has recently posted a new painting on Fine Art America. We were lucky enough to stop along a country road in Central California to watch a group of Bison in a pasture, when this big guy decided to take a dirt bath.