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Jose Alberto Gomes Pereira - Artist

About Jose Alberto Gomes Pereira

Learn more about Jose Alberto Gomes Pereira from Riachos, Santarem - Portugal.

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GOMES PEREIRA, Jose Alberto, portuguese painter (Riachos, Ribatejo, 1943) is a unique figure of portuguese painting. Educated in Lourenco Marques, now Maputo, Mozambique, he began his foray into the art world with his nanking drawing 'Balada de Breu' (Ballad of Darkness), based on the works of Jose Afonso whose song 'Grandola Vila Morena', was used years later as a signal and anthem, of the revolution of 1974 in Portugal (the singer brought the ballads to the 'Tertulias' - literary gatherings - attended by both during the evenings in Lourenco Marques - 1967. Another witness lost in time in which he denounced the colonial war, is the unusual mural made for the Military Police of Mozambique, called 'The Accusation' (1964). Considered 'Persona non Grata' (1970), by the apartheid government of the Republic of South Africa, he worked for the creatice departement for the Advertising Agency, INTER - Agencia Intercontinental de Publicidade, in Mozambique (1970). Returns to Portugal after the 'carnations' revolution in 1974, where he exhibits various developing themes and techniques in art-galleries, individually and collectively. Directs the field of graphic design for the Publisher Europa-America until 1986. In May 2008, he sets out for the Figueira da Foz Casino, exhibiting the 18 works called 'A look at Fernando Pessoa', celebrating the passage of 120 years of the birth of the poet. These same works were exhibit 3 months later in Sao Paulo - Brasil.
(Copied from: 'The Special Edition of the perpetual calendar 'THE GARDEN OF ZEUS', published in June 2009).
The author is represented on Private Collections in Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Mozambique, South Africa, Brasil and United States of America.

Interview with the Author in http://fuddyduddyfan.wordpress.com/

Jose Alberto Gomes Pereira joined Fine Art America on April 23rd, 2009.