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Joy Gerow - Artist

About Joy Gerow

Learn more about Joy Gerow from Surrey, BC - Canada.

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I'm a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Yes, born and raised in the big city and moving throughout the surrounding areas over my lifetime. I believe we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I could not fathom living anywhere else. I've raised a family here and enjoy moments with my grandbabies who become photo props themselves. There is no loss of subjects and scenery to capture here which leaves me forever grateful that I may enjoy and photograph all that inspires me.

I had loving parents who gave me the freedom to investigate anything that I took notice to. Little did I know that that freedom would allow me to understand that exploring is the key. It is important to be intuitive and be open to what the world presents you with and that every experience will yield a lesson, allowing you to grow.

I have had art in my life since very early on allowing me to learn about how we visualize simple things when transforming them from reality to any artistic medium. This in turn, I believe this led me to discover my passion for photography that I've enjoyed to this day.

I enjoy macro photography, discovering the world within a world is fascinating. I have a deep love for capturing anything coastal or water including the beaches and shorelines, sea life to sea shells. Lighthouses to old vessels peak my interest every time. However, landscape, architecture, old world, aged things, night, children, classic vintage cars to old rusty ones will also stop me in my tracks.
Creating still life is also a passion. There is something about having the control over subject, light, and mood to create a concept, an image with meaning, that speaks to the viewer. This combined with post processing provides a great deal of satisfaction. It's a calming nourishing process.

I am a proud member of the Langley Camera Club and have held a position on the executive since 2009. The sharing of artful content, technical information, the privilege of listening to and learning from great photographers/presenters, attending workshops, judging opportunities, competitions, outings ... and simply sharing with all, what we do and how we do it provides invaluable experiences. Doors open, friendships are made and everyone is passionate about this wonderful medium. What more could you ask for?
My most valued experience is that I was privileged to attend a workshop by famous Canadian Photographer / Instructor, Freeman Patterson. That would not have happened if the Langley Camera Club had not been in my life.

My external website is under construction at the moment but I have a blog at http://lensdancing.wordpress.com/ and there is always my Flickr Photo Stream at www.flickr.com/photos/joygerowphoto/ for you to browse through. I am looking to update my FAA selection very soon so stay tuned.

'In the Midst of our Lives we must find the Magic that makes our Souls soar'.

Enjoy your day,

Artist's Statement -

In my work, I combine a passion for photography, an ever growing understanding and desire in the mastery of digital imaging techniques to produce artwork to be enjoyed. Knowledge gained from many years observing great artists, producing assignments from classes, attending seminars, workshops and learning from photographers whom I admire, has given me a wealth of information from which to draw.

Being able to express myself through my art gives me purpose. By sharing it, I hope to engage the viewer with the image, to allow them to leave their reality, to evoke an emotional response no matter what it may be.

The creation process itself provides a glimpse into my dreams and it makes my heart happy to have the ability to experiment with my thought process whereby bringing a satisfying connection to the piece of artwork. By choosing elements that work together to form a cohesive message, I am able to create a composite image more powerful than its individual parts.

My soul is nourished when I am challenged during my creative journey. The interactive process of selecting and assembling or combining in camera effects with what the post process lends to an image feeds my artistic intuition.

The digital realm being so forgiving offering so many options for exploration becomes part of the challenge. The computer is not merely a shortcut for what is possible with the camera but instead allows me to discover what is possible in no other medium. I learn something new each day and I love to share what I have discovered through the creation process by helping share concepts and knowledge with fellow artists.

I am in my element when I am creating. In today's world of creative resources, the learning curve progresses where the canvas is ever expanding and the paint will never be fully dry. To be inspired every day is the ultimate payoff.

Joy Gerow
Photographer / Digital Artist
Lensdancer Studios
www.lensdancer.com (under construction)

Joy Gerow joined Fine Art America on April 9th, 2010.