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For two decades, artist Juanita Yoder has painted large scale installations on silk for spiritual settings, with commissions by such notable institutions as Princeton University Chapel and Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church, California.  She was awarded a BENE Award for Devotional Art for her commission of the fifteen stations of the cross for St.   Thomas Moore Catholic Church in Glendale, Arizona.   She is formally trained as a painter with a B.A. in art from Goshen College, Indiana, and an M.A. from Eastern Illinois University where she was awarded a full scholarship and teaching...more
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Results: 5

Results: 5

 Painting - Red Cosmos by Juanita Yoder

Red Cosmos Print

Juanita Yoder


 Painting - Blue Bird by Juanita Yoder

Blue Bird Print

Juanita Yoder


 Painting - Our Core Earth by Juanita Yoder

Our Core Earth Print

Juanita Yoder


 Painting - Ocean Reflection by Juanita Yoder

Ocean Reflection Print

Juanita Yoder


 Mixed Media - Blessed Mother by Juanita Yoder

Blessed Mother Print

Juanita Yoder




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