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Judy Kennedy - Artist

About Judy Kennedy

Learn more about Judy Kennedy from Maricopa, AZ - United States.

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Judy Kennedy (a visionary wayward muse) is a nature mystic and disabled visual media artist specializing in the Arizona Sonoran Desert. The Sonoran Desert is the United States' most ecologically diverse desert - especially in the state of Arizona. With an abounding love for her home, Judy's artwork and videos mostly feature wildlife in its natural setting with accompanying landscapes and skyscapes as varied and unique as her stylistic expressions. She serves this inimitable beauty and hopes that her art inspires others in their own conservation efforts. Judy is also a versatile writer of creative nonfiction and a composer of music which can be heard in many of her videos. Her YouTube channel alone has well over 1100 subscribers.

Please note: Judy's muse is wayward - meaning it is neither professional nor amateur, but born of a greater purpose: freedom of expression for the benefit of one and all. It is first and foremost free -- not constrained by artificial standards, rules, or protocol, but adheres to a higher principle because there is no greater truth than the integrity of one's own experience. It is not static but continues to evolve like the human soul. It must be transformative, and at its center is the Heart - the Life and the Way. Thanks for visiting and happy trails!


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Judy Kennedy joined Fine Art America on September 1st, 2016.