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Junction 116 - Artist

About Junction 116

Learn more about Junction 116 from York, PA - United States.

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Our Beginnings:
Junction 116 was born to be more than just a business to make money, it had to touch the hearts and lives of others through its business in some way; and it had to have within it the values of those we cherished and loved. So it really needed to reflect their beliefs in charity and helping others less fortunate, or dealt a bad hand in life. So began our almost endless debates on how to best meet those needs. And just like toppling dominoes, it just all fell into place. Though, not too surprising, because when you approach a task with love in your heart; things will always flow in a harmony. As a result, Junction 116 became an online department store wholesaler for gifts and goods with a personal touch, and its family, friends and clientele would have an integral part in its growth and direction.

But, what exactly are we about?
Simply put, we donate 50 percent of our profits to charities; and those charities must utilize 50 percent or better of their donations towards their programs. So while you are fulfilling daily and long term needs through Junction 116, you are helping others through charitable donations created from all your purchases.

Inspirations: We have always personally believed in donating to causes that actually help. This is due to our many personal experiences. As we both have had family, friends and fur babies that have either been mistreated, agonized through Cancer, suffered Dementia, living with a life threatening Heart disease, or struggling through Tourette's Syndrome; not the least of which are the multitude of issues facing wounded veterans and their families. And having witnessed firsthand the short comings of our society in relation to their care and needs; or the lack of a cure. We founded Junction 116, LLC to help find an easier way to donate to a good charity; while purchasing daily essential items for personal, home and business. But, most of all, knowing that one did something good for another in need.

Junction 116 joined Fine Art America on December 11th, 2019.