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Our Beginnings: Junction 116 was born to be more than just a business to make money, it had to touch the hearts and lives of others through its business in some way; and it had to have within it the values of those we cherished and loved.   So it really needed to reflect their beliefs in charity and helping others less fortunate, or dealt a bad hand in life.   So began our almost endless debates on how to best meet those needs.   And just like toppling dominoes, it just all fell into place.   Though, not too surprising, because when you approach a task with love in your heart;...more
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The Seagulls

December 24th, 2019

I was inspired by a dream or perhaps it was a visit. Who really knows, but, Gram was there in one of her favorite blue flower patterned blouses, and full of smiles. And perhaps that was in part the purpose, of this dream visit; to bring a smile to my... 

Bubba is a female box turtle from Dallastown, Pennsylvania. She is 25 years young with a birthday coming this August of 2018. Bubba's beginnings were not very pleasant to say the least (she wasn't even 6 month old and about the size of a U.S Silve... 

A Cherished Memory

December 12th, 2019

There are some memories that stand out more than others. And then there are those precious ones that make such an impact that they touch your heart so deeply; that it echoes in crystal clarity for years after. It was early in December of 2014; noo... 

Good Memories in a Daisy

December 12th, 2019

When caring for an older adult there are challenges to the mind, body and one's spirit. And the intensity of emotion on these is multiplied exponentially when it is family. Which brings me to a story about Daisies. More specifically, Montauk Daisi...