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Karen Musick - Artist

About Karen Musick

Learn more about Karen Musick from Kerrville, TX - United States.

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Art Prints


I am a self taught artist who began Musickscapes 'the landscapes of my mind' in 1993 as a way to deal with issues involving medical negligence and chronic pain.

Picking up a pen, I ignored all that I had been taught about creating art and began to draw my barest emotions. Using shapes combined with colors to describe the turmoil I could find no words for, I created intense and emotionally charged works. This unique vision was a powerful view into this devastating time in my life. Drawing became my lifeline to sanity, a way to deal with powerful, and overwhelming feelings. These works became a source of comfort, dialogue, understanding, and inspiration for myself as well as the fans of Musickscapes.


In 1999 during a visit to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, they were celebrating the great surrealist of the 20th century. Closer inspection of each painting, every brush stroke of masters like Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, I recognized something that I innately knew. Upon returning to Texas, I purchased oil painting supplies and thus began the next chapter in the creative process, opening up my world as if I'd finally truly found my voice. These paintings represent detailed, surrealistic views into the emotions that impact and effect us all.


The goal of my work today is to provide a source of therapy and distraction for myself, creating works of unusual beauty and technical aptitude.

To stop this fast paced world in its tracks for more than just a moment. I want to mesmerize the participant, bring them into vivid mindscapes, deftly created, that encourage study, reflection, and ultimately healing.

I want to bring tears to the eyes, intrigue to the mind, and hope to the soul.


I enjoy many different types of mediums, so far I have used colored pencils, watercolors, acrylics,oils, pen and ink and pencil.

Technology comes naturally to me, opening up the world of digital creativity. I design posters, brochures, art show announcements, personalized greeting cards,photography, digital 'painting' and many other interesting and diverse items.

During a visit to the Guggenheim in 1999, upon close inspection of the brush strokes of masters like Dali and Kahlo, I recognized something I innately knew. Upon returning home, I purchased oil painting supplies and began the latest chapter in my creative process. Detailed, surrealistic views into the emotions that impact and effect us all.

Interview with the Artist by Rocio Heredia:
Metal artist Rocio Heredia interviewed Karen Musick for an online interview. You can view this interview at:
orBarbara Tampieri

Karen's work has been showcased in the following:

Grapejuice Wine Bar, Kerrville, Texas
First Solo Art Show

Eastman Gallery, Houston, Texas:
Holiday Gift Show - 2004
Human Form and Mixed Media - 2003

Lawndale Art Center's 14th Annual Day of the Dead, Houston, Texas. October 20 - November 17, 2001

BT Design Gallery, Italy; Online Art Show, August, 2001

Lawndale Art Center's 13th Annual Day of the Dead, Houston, Texas. October 19 - November 16, 2000

LIMNER GALLERY Invited to show, The Taking of New York City at the Summer Showcase, New York, NY August 9 - 26, 2000

Invited to show at the 'Blowing Kisses' show; February 2001
Invited to show at the 'Dreaming of a Red Christmas' show; December 2000
Invited to show at the 'Halloween-a-rotica' show; October 2000
Invited to show 5 prints of recent oil paintings at the
Summer Under 100 Show, Houston, Texas July 15, 2000 - September 30, 2000

Designed announcement cards for all the above shows.

Art League of Houston
Urban Suburban Rural
Annual Juried Membership Exhibition
'The Promise of the Swan' colored pencil
Houston, Texas 02/03 - 02/24/95

One Woman Show
Private Show hosted by Robert Sanchez
Houston, Texas 11/30/95

Blue Star Complex
San Antonio, Texas - July 1997

Designed womenSArt Website. A site that provided webspace for female artists in the San Antonio area.
(This website is no longer active)

Article in ROOTED magazine showing Karen teaching other artist about artwork on the web.

CD jewel case artwork for Summer Droit's Laughing Like a Banshee

Handbell music cover designs:
Goldilock and the Three Bears; Joyful Day Suite; and Joy to the World(by Kirtsy Mitchell)
High Meadow Music Publishing

Poster Art and layout design for Clear Lake Celtic Music Festival
November 1998

Karen Musick joined Fine Art America on July 3rd, 2010.