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ORIGINALS AVAILABLE THE BEGINNING I am a self taught artist who began Musickscapes 'the landscapes of my mind' in 1993 as a way to deal with issues involving medical negligence and chronic pain.   Picking up a pen, I ignored all that I had been taught about creating art and began to draw my barest emotions.   Using shapes combined with colors to describe the turmoil I could find no words for, I created intense and emotionally charged works.   This unique vision was a powerful view into this devastating time in my life.   Drawing became my lifeline to sanity, a way to deal with...more
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Central Pain Syndrome

Central Pain Syndrome is a vicious lover at worst and a nightmare the sufferer never wakes up from at best. Days when we would give anything for just a moment without the burning as if we have been dipped in acid, something akin to when you eat a hot jalapeño pepper. It becomes a misfunction of the brain to make it worse. Central Pain is a poor name, because it is sooo much more than pain, it is a plethera of sensations that simply overwhelm the brain and the way it processes everything. Regular chronic pain is delt with in specific region of the brain, CP breaks out of this confinement and filters into the frontal lobe making everything form memory to emotional functioning a challenge. The reason I paint it, create pictures of it, and otherwise making art from it isn't to make my pain worse, isn't to gain sympathy or pity, but to educate the public about the need for research and education. The paintings help by distracting me from this hellish world. www.painonline.com www.painonline.org

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 14